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I'll be moving to Cyprus early in 2007 and although I've researched the site I still have some basic questions (sorry folks). Should I import these items from the UK and incur the freight costs or purchase locally? Beds, furniture, white goods, kitchen equipment, TV, HiFi, and PC. Thanks in advance Malcolm 

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My friend is thinking about moving to Cyprus as his wife is not well and the stress of the UK is killing her. He is a great Painter / Decorator / Handyman. Do you think he could get a job easily with all the building going on? He speaks Greek. Any replys would be grealy appreciated.ianandjan

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hi where can i buy candles wholesale, i am looking for plain candles only. thankszena

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Can anyone tell me what the average cost per hour is for a cleaner??

started by: villagehouse · last update: 1182252674 · posted: 1182252674

Pithari jar wanted - from Paphos or Limassol areas, does anyone know where I can buy one from? Thanks.

started by: Gibbs-662962 · last update: 1181924497 · posted: 1172410582

Hello. We have just bought a property in Pissouri and now need to start buying some basic furniture. I wonder if there are any good websites so I can order on line & have delivered for when I arrive. Any help much appreciated. Thank you

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How many properties can you own here in Cyprus. We are British and have a yellow slip

started by: chocolate' · last update: 1181853166 · posted: 1181574221

can anyone recommend from personal experience a good furniture pack suppliers . Need to furnish new, large 2 bedroomed apartment from scratch - what is a reasonable figure? - thanks

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Hi, My friend is moving to Cyprus and she asked me if I could find out for her if you can get queen size sheets and bedding in Cyprus - 60inches x 80inches. I would be grateful for the answer. Thank you, Olga

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Hi everyone. My first posting. Recently moved permanently to Limassol with family. I've got an appointment with Immigration Dept on 22 June for my 'yellow' slip, but they say I need proof of medical insurance? Not sure what kind of insurance they require, is it full-blown insurance like Bupa in the UK or is there some kind of basic policy they require over there? Also anyone know where to buy this? Cheers.

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Anyone know where I can get 'blue' wood stain? Strange colour for wood, yes I know, but its for a funky breakfast bar that I am making. My husband thinks I am nuts but I know it will be fun!! In Larnaca. Please help!!

started by: JulieSewell · last update: 1181132693 · posted: 1180973957

Does anyone know of anywhere in Limassol or Paphos that sells bed linen, duvet sets, duvets and towels in bulk? Maybe there is a shop that supplies hotels? ThanskJulie

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sofa bed with blue material easy to use with stainless steel metal frame for sale 50.00 cyp or nearest offer.

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hi we have had a quote of £1850 for a 20ft container door to door we pack and unpack . plus 1 from a removal company of CYP 3156.00 they pack and unpack what about new belongings will customs charge us, what is the best way of going about doing it ourselves all help appreciated. thanks Tony & Angie soon on our way

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Hi everyone, i am moving to Cyprus and will need to keep some of my belongings in temporary storage in the Larnaca area for about 12 months, whilst my house is built. Can anybody recommend a company who specialise in this ? as i can arrange for the removals company to take some of my belongings straight there when they arrive in Limassol.Tony.

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Last year i requested information from anyone who knew where I could buy paper dress making patterns in Cyprus. The answer was " I couldn't " as nobody sells them. If anyone is having the same problem that I had try this fantastic webb site that I came across in my search and have had excellent service from; habithat.co.uksales Hope you will be as impressed as I have been. Jeanette.

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hi all my first posting today,i am a time served carpenter, joiner of 19 years with references and portfolio making doors,windows, stairs ect to suit and all the requirements for house building ,my wife ,kids and mum are looking to relocate to cyprus but i need to know if work is available for carpenters and are kids schools ok ect..qnd what rate of pay is expected or normal any advice appreciated have a good weekend kind regardssodamhot

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Does anyone know where I can buy inexpensive (metal) curtain rods? I have tried a few places but there are so expensive (in Larnaca). I was planning to get one from Ikea, but it seems that I have a long wait! Please help! Maria

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a back door for my house, as cheap as possible, so second hand would be fine as long as in good condition. White, plastic or aluminium. Limassol area.

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Does anyone have any info of companies that have storage space in the Paphos area? I am finding space very thin on the ground. Would even consider outside Paphos, if push comes to shove.

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