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hi i will be moving over this year ,yet another question for you lovely people.are gas bbq exspensive in cy ,as i was was going to buy a new one in uk and ship it with my house goods loads of sales at the moment,.thanks peterabbits

started by: Flowerpower-660633 · last update: 1179343130 · posted: 1179149765

Can anyone recommend a reliable electrical supplier in Limassol that can deliver items?We will need many items including televisions, fridge freezer, dishwasher etc and want to order beginning of June ready for delivery when we move mid July.ThanksNiki

started by: Gordon Britas · last update: 1179320034 · posted: 1179249233

Hi all, Anyone know if there is an 'Outback' Gas BBQ (or any other decent make) stockist in Limassol. Sun has come out again so maybe it will be safe to start planing those summer gatherings!!!! Thanks. RegardsKevin

started by: junemichael-662184 · last update: 1179315665 · posted: 1179315665

Please can you help and tell us where we can purchase a back door at a very reasonable price (new or second hand) as ours is about to drop off! We need it fitted too! Thanks!

started by: MARIA-BOB · last update: 1179169399 · posted: 1179073866

Can anyone recommend someone in Larnaca to service our pool? We have someone who has been doing the job for 10 years & charges us 80 pounds per month.

started by: rainlady · last update: 1179090905 · posted: 1178394417

Hello Could someone please advise me of any picture framing shops in the Larnaca area, I know I could wait until the Ikea store is open but who knows when that will be, I know they say June but will it! I have got the artwork but frames too heavy to carry from the UK would be grateful for any information. Thanks. Regards Rainladypostbag

started by: anne&dennis · last update: 1179075268 · posted: 1173357618

Hello, Does anyone know the exact date of opening from IKEA in Nicosia? Thank youKind regards Anne

started by: deben2-663816 · last update: 1178812999 · posted: 1178812999

We are coming to Limassol this weekend and need some help on where to buy everything to furnish our apartment......also can anyone recommend a good holiday letting agent we could use to look after the apartment for us. We would need an agency that can take the bookings and clean the apartment between guests. Many thanks

started by: Tangerine-663773 · last update: 1178633530 · posted: 1178633530

I am looking for outdoor furniture for sale. Any ideas?

started by: HeD · last update: 1178127582 · posted: 1178127582

Hi, Does anyone please have a contact number for B & I (Property Management) based in Paphos? Tried telephone directory and internet to no avail. Thanks.HeD

started by: Dooley · last update: 1177232271 · posted: 1177232271

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the new-build apartment blocks with a small dedicated area for DIY storage, usually on the ground floor of the block, then I would be interested to hear from you with a view to renting the space on a long-term basis for DIY storage of some of my small personal effects.

started by: andycosta · last update: 1176811216 · posted: 1176749716

Hi all, Coming over to Larnaca end of May and need to create a concrete base to sit a small shed on. My question is where can I get the materials ie sand, cement, ballast, or better still ready mixed dry concrete mix (just add water). Im near the dhekelia road hotels so somewhere local would be great. Is there a builders merchant near by?? Cheers AndyAndy

started by: Melissa-661543 · last update: 1175777615 · posted: 1175727036

I am doing some research on environmental issues in Cyprus and would like to hear the views and experiences of people living here. I am particularly interested in whether you are recycling (or have tried to), the availability of environmentally friendly products, your own 'green' tips, environmental horror stories and your general views on the facilities available here to go green. Your help would be greatly appreciated!Mel

started by: lisa p-661385 · last update: 1175684789 · posted: 1175216632

I was just watching the programme Grand Designs...about environmentally friendly homes and how to develop them. This was based on the uk but a question.. is this done in Cyprus ?are there architects that specialise in this field in Cyprus? I just haven,t come across anything like this in my research ,. Any contacts would be great,as we may one day decide to build.lisa

started by: isalice · last update: 1175195820 · posted: 1175093072

hi, hope someone can advise. i have been quoted approximately £900 to ship personal belongings to limassol. the consignment consists of -- 32in tv, mountain bicycle, 1 med sized box of kitchen equip, 1 suitcase, stack system stereo and speakers, and 2 medium sized boxes containing household effects. i`m considering selling belongings now as £900 seems rather expensive. could anyone inform me of a cheaper way to get personal belonging to cyprus? and whether i`m better off selling and buying replacements when i get there. thankyou for reading.slc

started by: Hunneypie · last update: 1174936471 · posted: 1174858185

Hi allcan you please help, we need some decking done at our villa and would welcome any recommendations of reliable, cheap companies that provide this service. And, just to add to it, we want it done asap - pretty much between the 4th - 11th April! mmm yeah right i hear you all say, we are aware it is Easter, but dont ask, dont getthanking you in advance for your help and suggestions

started by: Gina-662460 · last update: 1174073003 · posted: 1174053143

We have closed-in the balcony to our third floor flat but need to install a canopy (which can be raised or lowered) on the external wall to cut the sun. Because of the nature of the building, you can't use a forklift or 'cherrypicker' for external access, so need someone who can do this from the balcony itself. We want something which will last but not be too expensive. The original canopy (which was mounted internally on the balcony walls) cost a fortune! Larnaca area. Any ideas please? Thanks, Gina

started by: anne&dennis · last update: 1173807686 · posted: 1173806956

Hello, Does anyone know were you can buy furnishing packages in Limassol?I'm not a native english person but i mean a package of for instance a saloon table, dining table, couches ect. All in one package for 1 price. Thanks in advance Kind regards Anne

started by: reb-663123 · last update: 1173723110 · posted: 1173708253

Hello all, I am new to the forum and have been impressed by the wealth of advice and experience in previous posts. My husband and I are looking to renovate an old village house and move to Cyprus. As per others' previous posts, we are learning Greek and definitely wish to be part of Cypriot life (as opposed to being 'ex-pats'). Part of this is finding an architect and a builder who is experienced in and sympathetic to restoring or rebuilding traditional stone buildings. So, we would be very grateful indeed for any such contacts you can recommend please. Looking forward to reading your posts and to becoming part of the community - many thanks in anticipation...

started by: Sue&Roy · last update: 1173690882 · posted: 1173518916

Hi Just had a quote to move our things from Northern France to Cyprus. 45 cubic meters and one car came to a whopping €12 500 (or £9000). Jeez, I fell off my chair. I thought maybe £5000 tops. Anybody else have any recommendations? Was it/is it this expensive to move your stuff? This is from Orbit Moving & Storage Ltd in Limassol. Seriously considering turning up with just a few suitcases in the back of a car on the ferry. Rather shocked Roy

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