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Hi. We have a house just outside Limassol and I need someone who can supply and fit outside window shutters. We have most of the house done but the builder has let us down over the ones remaining. Can anyone help please ? Thank you.Mark Tilden

started by: kinloch · last update: 1173358668 · posted: 1172767023

Does anybody know a decent carpenter that can fit extra kitchen units to match my existing ones in the Larnaca area. Ange

started by: PEDS111 · last update: 1172839862 · posted: 1172692839

I have recently moved to Cyprus from the Uk and have submitted plans through our architects,does anybody know if I have to register myself with the authorities for the licence as i have read on this site it is illegal to build your own house,or will our architect hold the umberella licence?

started by: James S-662740 · last update: 1172828439 · posted: 1172769895

I am looking for an english speaking surveyor to do a final report on my property prior to the last paymentJim

started by: PEDS111 · last update: 1172694707 · posted: 1172694707

I appreciate any advice as word of mouth is best.We are looking for a decent groundworking team to lay our foundations. Thanx

started by: jackie-662624 · last update: 1171817982 · posted: 1170963192

Hi We were just wondering if anyone can recommend Steptoes Furniture Shop in Paphos. Thanks

started by: sandy-661242 · last update: 1171469675 · posted: 1171458027

Hi everyone, Does anyone know where i can buy nice curtains with reasonable prices. sandy

started by: Dooley · last update: 1171004217 · posted: 1170837736

I would like to have the kitchen of my two-bedroom apartment in Limassol refurbished to a high standard. Can anyone recommend a contractor who can perform the work to a high professional standard ?

started by: chrysi · last update: 1170924296 · posted: 1170869074

Does anyone know where I can buy dye from to dye curtains etc..... i'm in the Larnaca area. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!! Thanks, Chrysi

started by: abbey-662356 · last update: 1170848237 · posted: 1170848237

Would anyone please let me know where in Cyprus I can buy this utensil for 2 to 4 cups capacity. AA

started by: slmccormick2006 · last update: 1170676351 · posted: 1170676351

Does anyone know where I can get some reasonably priced, heavy material that would be suitable to make curtains? Im in the Paphos area. Thanks for your help!SLM

started by: hakuna matata-662694 · last update: 1170506695 · posted: 1170424021

Hi! First post on here for me so here goes. I have read on AngloINFO that you can bring some plants into cyprus(when moving for instance) apart from some on an EU list, but this is not enlarged on. I have looked on other forums but none mention bringing plants to Cyprus...so does anyone have any first hand experience or can confirm that this is indeed ok to do, as i am moving here soon and would love to bring some of my own favourite plants with me... Thanks Keith.

started by: Hunneypie · last update: 1170436061 · posted: 1169934080

Hi Allhubby and i are coming out to furnish our new 3 bed house in a weeks time. we have been recommended a company called Steptoes in Paphos who seem very helpful, can deliver within 2 days and are very reasonably priced. Can anyone offer any advice on where we can get reasonably priced electrical goods, tv, dvd player, kettle etc also where we can get soft furnishings, like bedding, towels, curtains / curtain poles (just cheap and cheerful required) we will be in the Limassol area but dont mind driving, a good excuse to see the island!many thanks for any help

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Hi allHubby and I are coming over to Cyprus in a weeks time to furnish our new 3 bed property. We have looked into furniture packages as we want to rent the house out for holiday lets. We have been recommeded a company called Steptoe, in Paphos who seem very helpful and their packages are very reasonably priced. Can anyone give us some advice on this topic. Also where we can get reasonably priced electrical goods, cheap and cheerful curtains / poles and basic furnishings, bedding, towels etc which you would usually get in argos, cargo or ikea (unfortunately we can not wait until mid 07 to wait for Ikea).any advice and tips is much appreciated.

started by: maryb-661834 · last update: 1169472291 · posted: 1168208713

Can anyone advise of best places to buy garden furniture - preferably in bamboo, rattan or webbing? We have recently purchased a property in Paphos and hope to buy table and chairs/sun loungers and sofa set for patio/balcony areas when we come out on 31 Jan. Any advice would be appreciated Many thanks Maryb

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Buy your milk in plastic bottles and not in cartons, but take the empty bottles to a recycling collection centre.The cartons (bricks) are in plastified cardboard, requiring a lot of energy to make, and are impossible to recycle. They help fill the landfills.The bottles are in a polyester called polyethylene terphthalate (PET). They are not recycled back into bottles for foodstuffs, for hygienic reasons, but they are recycled back into bottles for other products, packing materials, fibres for insulation, knitting "wool", clothing, carpets, ropes etc. To recycle used bottles into any of these consumes about one-tenth of the energy than it takes to manufacture virgin plastic and no petroleum.However, before offloading them for recycling, I have used them a second time, as freezing containers for liquids, such as soup or fruit juice. Immediately after they are emptied, I half-fill them with cold water, put the lid on with a good shake and repeat, to clean them. I've used them frequently for home-made lemon squash, veggie soups, grapefruit and orange juice etc. Be sure to leave about 4-5 cm empty at the top or you may have a mess in your freezer, as the products expand on freezing. I've frozen soup which was perfectly OK after more than a year.I re-use the bottles only once before recycling.Devil

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hi all. can i get any of the big 5 tv channels with a 2.7 mtr dish in limassol ??chris

started by: kazzi-660835 · last update: 1169165134 · posted: 1169074815

Can anyone give me info on septic tanks, a subject I know nothing about! My proposed house will not be on mains drainage in Limassol so I presume this is what I will need to have installed. Who puts them in, a plumber or a builder? and roughly how much are they? thanks, Kaz

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Dear All,Does anyone know where I can buy a new sofa in Nicosia? I've been to a couple of places but none have that big a range and are very expensive. I seem to only be able to find boutique places. Are there any large shops that have many different types on offer? Thanks,Chris

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I have 1.5 person Beds with wooden frames and mattresses for sale. not used. Also have small tables and Desks, wooden for sale.

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