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Has anyone got any advice - have had a villa built in Paphos its pretty much ready but have no electric we are having to waiting for the electricity board to connect us - has anyone had the same problem? Has anyone got any advice? Bit disappointed as we were not informed this would be a problem our villa was supposed to be completed by October 06. ThanksJodie

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started by: Poppy-661854 · last update: 1163235550 · posted: 1163062254

Hello all, Please could someone advise where I can buy a large hard suitcase i.e. like Samsonite. Many thanks PoppyThanks and regards, Poppy

started by: June-660755 · last update: 1162831449 · posted: 1162831449

Where can I buy a back door and frame please at a good price? Second hand would be fine as long as it is in good condition of course. Would need it fitted too but not by a bodger! Please help.

started by: AndyC-661895 · last update: 1161870824 · posted: 1161518889

Hi, Does anyone know the correct procedure for transferring the electric and water accounts from one name to another. We are due to complete the purchase of our house soon and want to transfer these utilities from the current owner to ours. Cheers Andy

started by: banjo-660396 · last update: 1158932491 · posted: 1155233382

Hi, Can anybody help with the address of a local supplier of battery operated tea lights or battery operated small candles? Thanks banjo

started by: Karen Middleton · last update: 1158880140 · posted: 1158506727

can anybody recommend furniture and electrical shops in the Larnaca region, we will be needing things like beds, dining table etc and possible a fridge/freezer.Regards, Karen

started by: chrisreddy · last update: 1158860826 · posted: 1158781510

Does anyone know where I can buy a simple metal filing cabinet in Nicosia? I've been looking for about a week and a half but I've had aboslutely no luck! Thanks,Chris

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Can anyone tell me where in Paphos I can buy plastic foam, about 50cm thick, with which to make cushions for chair seats?

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I am looking to buy reasonably priced garden furniture, where is the best place to go (Limassol)??? Fiona

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help i want to buy some good paint,like farrow & ball can anyone help?lizzie

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King size and single sheets, quilt sets, mattrress protectors and towels. Could suit someone renting aprtment or villa. Call 99102094

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Hi everyone, Could anyone tell me where I could buy a lime tree (citrus aurantifolia) Can purchase lemons all day, but the garden centres I have visited don't seem to stock limes. Anyone know? Thanks in advance

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Hi Does anyone know of anywhere good to buy rugs in Nicosia? I don't know it that well and thought I might hit the sales there, but I could do with some advice first as to where the best places might be - I need a pretty big one - 10 feet square. ThanksHells

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We are moving to Ayia Thekla in January (Yippee) and would like good advice on everything!!  Particularly, where best to buy kitchen white goods, a bed and getting curtains and blinds fitted. All help much appreciated.Gerry

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We live in the Protaras area and want work doing by a British builder. Any recommendations please.j Lewis

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