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HiI have a property in Argaka and I am trying to find a company or person that carries out cleaning in the area.Does anyone have any recommendations.ThanksPhil

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Hi there,Our time in Cyprus is coming to an end, and we are selling some furniture items. Please get in touch if interested, we are leaving on Monday, and are a bit desperate! Thanks,Ben and ClemenceDining table setVintage chair + Large clock + Big candle holderAdjustable barbecue, motor included

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We're planning on moving to Cyprus this summer. We'll be spending the Easter vacation during which we'll be visiting a couple of schools and deciding whether Larnaca or Limassol is right for us.We'd like to check out apartment for rent as well during this time. Apartments through agents come and go quickly it seems, so we'd like to hear from any expats who know they'll be leaving this summer and would be willing for us to check out their apartment during the Easter vacation.We're looking for a place within walking distance (max 20 mins walk) of the sea. All other criteria are negotiable.If you'd like to send advice regarding the pros an cons or Larnaca vs Limassol, I'd be happy to read that too.thank you

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Hello, I am looking for a reliable house cleaner in Larnaca

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Hi, I've currently got Cyta's fixed line and 8MB netrunner service all up and running for over a year and the service seems to be very reliable. However I'm tempted to switch over to Primetel or MTN Fixed (ex OTEnet I think) as they both cost far less than the Cyta charges and are available in my area. My only concern are stories I've heard about Primetel's connection being rather unreliable/slow since they did the "double speed" upgrade and not being able to find any reports with regard to MTN's fixed service. Many people have told me Cyta is the only reliable provider?! Is it a case of better the devil you know and sticking with Cyta or are my concerns unfounded? I'd really appreciate hearing any users opinions about Primetel or MTN Fixed :-) Thanks in advance! Michael

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Hello thereCan anyone recommend someone/company who can recover dining chairs - the seats need some work  Preferably in the Paphos area.  Also looking for someone/company that cleans mattresses again in the Paphos areaThanks

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Hi, I  have a 1 x meter square area of damage on a textured ceiling , I have repaired it but now need to apply a textured cover (Orange Peel Effect) to the area before painting. I see on the internet that  there are many manufacturers that make aerosol cans of various texture finishes , but not sure I can get it in Cyprus (Larnaca area) can anyone please help? Regards PC 49   

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Ant recommendations  please , I wont to pave my small garden  , i need a  cheap supplier in Paphos . Thankyou in advance .

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Came home today to find that TV system we subscribed to has been cut.  Believe this to be 'dreambox' system.  Those who run system have been arrested for running illegal system.    Friends of ours still have their TV systems which have been supplied by other companies.  Does it mean these will be cut too.  If system illegal, I for one would prefer to pay more and have TV system than loose all.  

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had an element changed in my hot water tank and now the hot water pressure is very low  its a gravity fed system no pump and no expansion tank will it be debris in a pipe or something else i drained the tank and turned the cold supply of while i changed it .Dont know why no hot water pressure

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I need an electrician, who speaks english. Couple of small jobs in a house in Pissouri.Can anyone recommend someone?

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I have a good size patio that when we moved in a month ago had turned into a field. We cleared it  ( 25 green sacks full!! ) but now it has rained we have a field of 6" high grass again!! Any suggestions?  We are thinking of pressed concrete or crazy paving???

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Is it true that the municipality is responsible for trimming the dead palm fronds from the trees in residential neighborhoods? If so, who do I talk to?  If not, can anyone recommend a tree specialist?

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Winter let or long term.

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Looking to rent apartment 1 or 2 bedrooms €300 to €400 amonth,with communal pool,fully furnished.Universal area (kato) or nearby.

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Hi... does anyone know of a reclamation yard in cyprus where I can source old windows , railings and doors etc ???

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Dear friends! We are looking for a house to rent for 3 years minimum (up to 1700 USD per month) in the region not far from Heritage school (Palodia or Paramitha villages are prefferable). Family with 2 children of 2 and 4 years old. Intelligent and careful. If possible please recommend a house to rent. Thank you!

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Hi I am looking for a short term accommodation of 5 weeks around in Larnaca from 9/09 ahead, I am looking for a room in a shared apartment or a studio or 1-bedroom, I won't be there in holiday but for a working experience in the municipality and I cannot afford an holiday short-term price unfortunately. If you have some information about, they are more than welcome, if you have a room that you want to sublet or you know someone that would be willing to rent please let me know. I have been living in shared apartments since last 3 years so I know what it means and which are the rule of good behaving. Thanks a lot for all the info and help.  

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hi kostas. how are you? can you offer me some advice? I have a letting firm in Larnaca who have a tennent for my flat and they have given me a tenancy agreement between me and the tenant but they won't give me a property management contract between me and their company. Is this normal? Should we agree with them with only and email? What is normal in Cyprus? Do you have any advice or friends who might be able to assist here with advice?TIA

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