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hi kostas. how are you? can you offer me some advice? I have a letting firm in Larnaca who have a tennent for my flat and they have given me a tenancy agreement between me and the tenant but they won't give me a property management contract between me and their company. Is this normal? Should we agree with them with only and email? What is normal in Cyprus? Do you have any advice or friends who might be able to assist here with advice?TIA

started by: Vera-Vera-904393 · last update: 1499700065 · posted: 1499700063

Good Day! Is there any chance to find an owenr/ seller which really wants / needs to sell house/flat and ready to put the price up on papers, to help to get all 100 % of the loan? if its nothing criminal of course and if the property will have proper evaluation.. just may be some one realy need to sell, so we would help each other.. thanks 

started by: Peter-Keiper-858827 · last update: 1498747671 · posted: 1498747671

Hi I'm looking to rent 2 bed townhouse in peyia preferably lower peyia I'm staying in cyprus until end July then im back to UK. l would like to  rent from November for a year. Thanks 

started by: Lilyanetadana · last update: 1497987581 · posted: 1497176892

Hello everyone l am looking for an apt to rent in tersefanou one bedroom my budget is upto 300.thank ypu.

started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1497877352 · posted: 1497877351

Hi everyone, we are looking to buy a good quality not too expensive barbecue.Would we be better having one built?We are in paphos, any recommendations welcome

started by: Scharon · last update: 1497805360 · posted: 1497805359

I want to find out if any of my drainage pipes are broken and rather than dig everything up I think it would be preferable to get someone in with a special camera that goes down drains.  Anyone know of this service please.

started by: adrian774 · last update: 1496921849 · posted: 1496921848

Hi, I am moving to southern Nicosia in September and wonder if there is a self service Laundry anywhere. I've searched extensively without success but these places tend to come under a variety of names. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Adrian

started by: portdulac · last update: 1496740312 · posted: 1496164521

We are hoping to purchase a small property inland and have found that the land area with the property is tiny.  There are no boundary markings showing any of the adjoining plots and we hope to find the owner of the scrubland next to it with a view to asking if it could be for sale.  In France we would go to the Mairie where there is a large map showing the plot numbers and their specific owners.  Is there something similar in Cyprus, and can we try doing this in English or do we need to find someone who can read and speak the language?  Any advice would be gratefully received.

started by: Mandria-1 · last update: 1495775825 · posted: 1495775824

I  am searching for a place to buy pigeon netting in Paphos area. I used to buy from the London supermarket on upper Polis rd., but they have closed down.I have considered fish nets, too, but the one I have found is quite narrow and also weak.

started by: nealh · last update: 1495740214 · posted: 1495740214

I was wondering if anybody could recommend an estate agent to sell a rural property. Seems that there are plenty who will sell a bog standard concrete villa, but that isn't our place. We would like to find someone who is more specialist so that we stand a chance of actually selling! Thanks in advance.

started by: parasar · last update: 1493139177 · posted: 1493139176

Does anyone know of a pool cleaner for Giolou Paphos

started by: RN131 · last update: 1491287264 · posted: 1491287264

HalloCan anyone tell me please about living in either LATSIA (Nicosia) and/or Atheniou?Is it feasible to commute to either/both from Larnaca? If so, where best to be based in Larnaca (rely on public transport- do not drive).Thanks

started by: NewinCyprus · last update: 1490268066 · posted: 1490268066

I need a quotation/recommendation for supplying and laying artificial grass in area around outdoor garden pool. Approx 50 square metres required.

started by: Jane-Hughes-895348 · last update: 1490238517 · posted: 1489551572

Could anyone advise me on pot plants to go round my pool patio area? They would be pretty much in full sun for most of the day or under shade all day My pool man says he could water them once a week

started by: zany-684605 · last update: 1488989500 · posted: 1488463059

I have some things I want to bring from UK to Nicosia.They will probably fit in 2 packing boxes.I am lookinfor some info there was someone in Paphos who posted a while ago.

started by: lybbie · last update: 1488984446 · posted: 1488984446

Thinking of havinb a small pool installed in my garden in Peyia. Can anyone recommend  a good reliable  company.And rough estimate  of cost. Also do you know if there is anywhere to buy fiber glass moled pool.

started by: lybbie · last update: 1488984265 · posted: 1488984265

Hi does anyone know where I can buy Aqua Finesse for my hot tub.I have used this for the last 4 yrs but agent has stopped selling this.Use same in UK but toooo expensive  to ship out.

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There may be no more loved colour combination than blue and white. The colours appeared on Chinese pottery hundreds of years ago and is still a popular choice today. Whwn calm and soothing blue is put together with clean and simple white, you get the ultimate tranquile and stylish space. Its no wonder this combination is popular around the world.

started by: Lars-Sorensen-880408 · last update: 1481804274 · posted: 1481804274

I want to buy a pool round/pool cleaning district in the Paphos area. If someone have one for sale or know anyone who might be interested, please give me a call! 96033357 Lars Sorensen

started by: Lynn-Payne -873353 · last update: 1478556915 · posted: 1477854860

Please help, where can I buy the tubes you can put pictures in to keep them safe for transportation . 

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