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Hi,I have an apartment in the Prodromi area (next to Polis) and I'd be grateful if you could let me know the best way of looking for a trader (reliable and trustworthy) that could do some small repair work around my bathroom e.g. reseal the sink and re-apply a few tiles to the bathroom wall (due to possible damp). It seems that although I have access to a few contacts in this area that they feel the job is too small to take on. Is there such a thing (like in the UK) as 'Check a trade' type directory that comprises only those tradesmen that come with recommendation(s) that I could refer to or can anyone recommend someone for this type of work?Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.Kind regards,Tom

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I live in Pegeia, and I want to renew my kitchen cabinets and work tops. I am aware that a couple of kitchen replacement firms have gone out of business in the last few years, so can anyone recommend a reliable firm?

started by: mickel6645 · last update: 1477037858 · posted: 1477037858

I have woodworm in the door frame to my apartment . Could I just have the frame replaced or do I need a new door.If i need a new door, where should I go and roughly how much would it cost . I am in the Limasoll area.Thanks Mick 

started by: Johann-Jakob-872475 · last update: 1476792673 · posted: 1476792673

Can someone recommend a serious company in Paphos which could build our new swimmingpool and be responsale afterwards for the care. Actually we are with Shipshape and, due to its bad service, to change the company. If you have made experience with a serious compnay, please call me: 99 2090 13

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Hello,i am looking for an electrician who speak some decent English an located in paralimini yo repair my electric stove in my apartment;If anybody knows one who is reliable, please answer this ad and give me his contact details.best regards,Patricia 

started by: D Bunk · last update: 1476209683 · posted: 1475265811

Has anyone sucessfully got the BBC iplaye thing to work? I am asked whether I have a TV licence and then am told it's not available.

started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1476105621 · posted: 1475265167

Where do I buy the gas bottles (butane) for the portable gas fires from? 

started by: greggakegga · last update: 1474888037 · posted: 1473685737

Hi all, Do you know where I can buy big amount of acrylic paint on Cyprus? I need a big barrels 100- 200 litres of  bright colors:Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue.

started by: jujustorm · last update: 1474459369 · posted: 1473335046

Hello everybody,I am looking for a supplier who trades with Balsa wood on island. I need a reliable source I can depend on for my small handmade wood craft company. In a worst case scenario I can settle for pine wood too.So far I have been unsuccessful finding proper suppliers and SuperHomeCenter won't work! :)Looking forward to receiving your valuable suggestions.Thanks a lot,J.

started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1474371902 · posted: 1474371902

Can anyone tell me where i can get old/second hand glazed exterior doors in Limassol, or if there is a reclamation yard?

started by: suzk10 · last update: 1474276577 · posted: 1474276577

Is there anyone out there interested in knitting machines with equipment including ribbers.Suesuzk10@hotmail.com

started by: cooky224 · last update: 1474270786 · posted: 1474270786

Hi, looking for a second hand hedge trimmer in good condition.Sensible price please

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Hi All,I resently purchased a house in Souni that has a LPG central heating system. I would like to get this moved to another location in the garden. Does anyone know of any reputable companies, I live in lmassol.Thanks in advanced.

started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1473243169 · posted: 1472549595

Where is the best place to go to buy craft supplies?

started by: John Costello · last update: 1472824068 · posted: 1472824068

Hello,Can anyone recommend a good supplier of quality stylish furniture in the Paphos area at reasonable prices ?  (sofas, armchairs, solid wood cabinets, TV stand, tables and chairs for outside, parasols/sunshades)Thanks

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Anybody switched from a chlorine to a salt water pool?

started by: Birchington · last update: 1472639114 · posted: 1472639114

Can anyone recommend the best carpet cleaner in Nicosia for above valuable carpet. thank you

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If anyone is shipping a container back to the UK & have space to rent please send me a message.  Thanks

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Can anyone recommend someone who can replace window seals / adjust  uPVC windows/doors. I've tried the Window Doctor but have been let down by him.

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Hi,Does anybody know if the screw on the side is to regulate the pressure ?

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