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Quick question, does anyone know if I bought a shower mixer from the UK (like this one) would it be compatible with Cypriot pipes? I'm a total duffer when it comes to all this a just want to make sure I don't waste any money.

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Hi allCan anyone tell me, where in Larnaca i could get a replacement magnet seal for a fridge/freezer ?.Thanks in advance

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I am rebuilding a small lathe and am in need of an AC electric motor of somewhere between 1/6th and a quarter horsepower - the cheaper the better. Any suggestions?ThanksGraham

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I have an antique wall clock that needs repairing.  Does anyone know of a reliable clock repairer (horologist).  I am in the Paphos district.

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General enquiry 

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Can someone give me the names of a few (colourful) plants that I could put on a balcony of an apartment?They need to be zero maintenance as my wife and I are will be gone for 4 or 5 months at a time. The balcony gets plenty of sun and faces south.Thanks for your advice.

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Hi all,Can you tell me if you know of somewhere that sells batting and foam for upholstering?Near to or in Larnaca preferably but will travel.

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Hello, I'm looking for a cheap bookcase, preferably white wood but any style would be considered. Needs to be in good condition. I live in Coral Bay area and can uplift if reasonable nearby. Thank you - 96374166

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Hi All, I am looking to rent my villa as a holiday let here in Larnaca, I have had an interview with Uptown Property Management Co, a guy called Andrew, English/Cypriot, seems ok. but I cant find any reference to them on the net, he has given me a few, what sounds like legitimate reasons why, but I would like to here from anyone who has dealt with them.ThanksSteve

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I have a friend, who has a house in the Golden Bay area of Larnaca, it is a holiday home and he is looking for someone to do some rendering work on his boundry walls, it would mean removing the old plaster, renewing the steel corners and re plastering and painting.can anyone recomend someone to give a free quote ?references would be requiredThanks

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Hi all I need to decorate my flat - painting and a few cracks to fill. Can anyone recommend anyone preferably English speaking and not too expensive!

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Both my oven and dishwasher are not working.does anyone know of somone who can fix these things ??

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Handyman needed to do some welding and painting.Contact Nick96606844

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Does anyone know where I can buy (new or used) a good upright vacuum cleaner to lift pet hairs from rugs please. I live in the Coral Bay, Pegia area and can uplift. Thank  you.

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Hi all,Can I ask people what they use for television opions nowadays. When I first visited Cyprus 10 years ago people had enormous satellite dishes but this now seems to have faded away.Are people watching UK TV over here (presumably online) and are they paying for a service?Advice please.Thanks!

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Can anyone please advise me if we need planning permission for carport covered In Konia

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HiDoes anybody know where I can buy African Violets in CyprusCheersJordy

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I have been trying to get my patio garden looking nice but keep losing plants. Can anyone with more experience suggest what I should be planting and what to avoid?

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Hello! Does someone know how much is the electricity and water deposits to pay for EU people in Cyprus? And is that amount refundable when you leave a country?   Many thanks! Happy New Year:)

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