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I am looking to buy a sofa and two beds for an apartment that we are furnishing as clean and modern.I am looking for a supplier of beds similar to this one.and a sofa similar to this.Is there a company that does this in Cyprus??

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Hi.Can anyone recommend a plumber/electrician/handyman in the Limassol District.  Needing 2 outdoor taps fitted and some general electrical works (replacing single electrical sockets with doubles).Many thanks in advance

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Hi! i have a recent renovated stone house in Iywnas Limassol and i want to exchange it with a small house or a 2 bedroom flat in kato Paphos or Latchi area. There is anyone that interested?

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Hi.Can anyone recommend an upholsterer in the Limassol area.I have outdoor rattan furniture and am looking to replace the cushion covers.Many thanks.Andy

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I am hoping that you kind and clever people in Cyprus may be able to help. What is the best way to go about getting a new kitchen and bathroom ? Is having units custom made the way to go? or buy from a shop / showroom. Can anybody recommend kitchen / bathroom showrooms. Cabinet makers?I have a Garmin Sat Nav and understand it is possible to download free maps of Cyprus onto it. Is there anybody who could help / advise with this please ?I have a Babylock Pro sewing machine. Model 651 which was working fine...but has now developed a fault. Can anyone recommend someone who services / repairs sewing machines ?Finally a couple of pages are missing from the user guide for the sewing machine. Is there anybody who has  the same model from whom I could borrow the paperwork and copy the missing pages. WE ARE IN LIMASSOL. Thank you in advance. MG

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Can anyone give any advice on where I can purchase fabrics... I make curtains and make my own clothes but having just arrived to live here am at a loss for where to shop Thank youLearning all the time x

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Anyone know of a garden centre that stock potentillas?  They grow wild in profusion in the mountains, but it seems impossible to buy cultivated garden varieties (potentilla fruticans, aka shrubby cinquefoil) anywhere, at least in the Limassol area.  Any suggestions, anywhere on the island?  CheersGraham

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We want to demolish the 'back house' which is not even 20 square meters and the developers interested for the job ask around 1000 euro. They claim the transfering of the walls after torn down is very costly and they have to rent services for that alone bla bla bla. Do you know maybe someone who can do the job for 600? ;Thanks for any help! az

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from what i can see this site has been ruined, i was useing site for business ads, but nothing can be seen, all i can say if it aint broke,dont fix it?simon

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my bathroom tiles are heavily stained from the water, i have tried numerous tile cleaning products here in cyprus but with no sucess. would antbody know how i can get them back to the original shine?

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Can anyone provide me with details of a reliable estate agency. I intend to relocate permanently to Cyprus somewhere in easy reach of Polis. I have e-mailed every agency I can find on the Internet with my details and have not received a single acknowledgement or reply. Grateful for any help.

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Hi all, I'll be moving over to Cyprus in the next couple of months and will be looking for somewhere to rent.  I'm looking for a modern one or two bedroomed flat and have a budget of approximately €700.  On Bazaraki a lot of the adverts say negotiable but I'm really not sure what that means in Cyprus. Is that maybe a €10 per month reduction if you negotiate?  I would appreciate any help or advice. Additionally I've got the following costs down. Am I missing anything for regular monthly bills? Internet Council Tax/Refuse € 35.00 Water € 30.00 Elec € 70.00

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i have an Android XBMC quad core box for 2 years. This morning the tv does not recognize it.n i checked all the connections and power supply and it's fine. any sugestions???

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i decided to join, what is described as the second biggest broadband provider in cyprus, not knowing how much this company are doing to lose customers.i have had to provide a signed letter from the mucktar, stating i am living in said address. they send technicans out to take picture of front of house, as well as putting a new number on my letterbox.tele sales keep telling me they will call me back with date for connection, and never bother.one technican even told me a day i will be connected, and stayed at home for no reason.how this coompany has not gone bankrupt i dont know, they dont seem to care about anything. love to hear if anyone else has had to wait such a long time, simon

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Is there anyone or anywhere that takes old tv/videos/dvd's etc in Limassol ? There used to be a container in the Carrefour car park but not anymore .

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need an article of furniture collected from the northern side of Cyprus and delivered to paphos.any help would be appreciated

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Hi Does anyone know of anywhere I can get a few small items nickel-plated? They're fittings from antique musical instruments, so it would be a small, specialised job. LImassol area preferred, but I'm happy to travel if I can find the right person for the job. Thanks Graham

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Hi, Can anyone direct me to somewhere that Hires Wallpaper Steamer/Stripper Units in the Paphos area? Many thanks, Martin

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Hi We are looking for a good launderette and also a reputable reasonably priced hedgecutter in Paphos. Can anyone help please. Thanks

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