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Hello,  I am wondering if there is some kind of special lock or key that prevents duplication of front door keys ? There are keys that can have ' Do Not copy ' on them but it's hadly reassuring. I have thought about having both a yale lock and and a pin entry lock and just changing the pin code when the tenant leaves but is there a better way ?? Thanks

started by: akseea · last update: 1449313014 · posted: 1449313014

I am trying to find where I can buy a chimonier for my garden. I have tried the garden centres in Larnaca centre. Has anyone seen them on sale anywhere ?

started by: Graham S-661639 · last update: 1449072531 · posted: 1448735128

Anyone any idea where I might find a stockist of 6mm barrel nuts (as used in flat-pack furniture)? I'm in the Limassol area, but Nicosia or Paphos would be OK. Many thanks Graham

started by: neil atkinson · last update: 1449066772 · posted: 1446735740

I will shortly be fitting a gas fire in my lounge and need it safety checked. Any reccommendations please

started by: salsagriega · last update: 1448904632 · posted: 1448877661

Hi All Need a trustworthy and reliable cleaner? I found one at last!  based in Larnaca with her own transport, very meticoulous and is a registered cleaner and does ironing. Call me 96401498 for her details.

started by: curion · last update: 1448380118 · posted: 1448373951

hi to the anglo info community. is there anywhere in paphos i can buy a galileo thermostat. maybe you are thinking of selling. thank you in advance.

started by: lincol-714225 · last update: 1448322572 · posted: 1385283009

Hello,does anybody know where I can buy Annie Sloane Chalk Paint here in Cyprus.Regards Lincol.

started by: Dooley · last update: 1448226959 · posted: 1448161250

Have you used the services of Ampersand Interiors in Paphos for any interior design work ? I am considering appointing them to remodel my home and would welcome your comments, favourable or otherwise. Thank you.

started by: Shewinskij · last update: 1448048910 · posted: 1440540484

Hi Everyone Do You know where I can throwing garden waste in Paphos?  New place in Agia Varvara is very nice, but not for gardeners. It is good, government closed all illegal rubbish places and what about garden waste??? That's why I am asking, if there is any new place?? I am able to pay fee. Pleas help Thank You!!  

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    Property Swap to upgrade We are living in Cloraka, Melanos, Paphos & want to swap to to ba able to upgrade, we have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, swm-pl use, parking, deeds, incredible sea & mountain views. If you are interested in a swap with an agreed financial payment please dont hesitate to mail or call me. familypensionkim@yahoo.co.uk Mob:- 97766908.

started by: Ruth.Poole · last update: 1447622381 · posted: 1447622381

Hi I am after a grey sink (Leptos) installed over 15 years ago and I need to replace one (can be second hand) which has cracked, please let me know if you know where I can find one?   thanks   Ruth

started by: Avi1229 · last update: 1447507024 · posted: 1447440593

Hi  I am in the process of buying a house. The contractor damaged the shower basin and bath tub. Both items have scratches. The developer outwardly refuses to replace the shower base and the bath tub. I am still owing the developer And have not yet received delivery of the house. The developer instructed the contractor to use a compound On the scratches. The scratches are smooth, but are still visible. The developer failed to give us the name of the compound used despite the fact that we requested it several times. The developer said that they will give us a check for 1000Euro and we keep that as a guarantee for 5 years. If after 5 years there is no problem with the bath tub and shower then we give  to give them back the 1000Euro. NB. The shower base and bath tub was brand new when installed. Please advise what to do. Is there an independent contractor that can certify that there are damages to the bath tub? I am also thinking about to get three quotations for the replacement of the shower base and bath tub. 

started by: DavidClark-715764 · last update: 1447440278 · posted: 1446124396

Does anyone know where you can buy the mesh-like fabric to repair sunbeds? (i.e replace the whole seating and back fabric).  Paphos area preferably, but anywhere would be a help - cheaper than replacing the whole lounger as the frame is in excellent condition! Thanks David

started by: Mystic-661193 · last update: 1447073210 · posted: 1444662685

I was looking back over some old posts on this site where there were several mentions of a large factory near Kolossi that makes foam. I am in need of a large block of upholstery foam and wondered if anyone knows if this factory is still there, and if so what is the name, or detailed directions please? Or any other factory in Limassol area where I can get foam block cut to order.   

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can you recommend window cleaner in lower peyia 

started by: turidc · last update: 1445716076 · posted: 1445659897

Where can I get quality double beds with EU measures - length 200 cm and width 140/150, IKEA is not an option....any suggestions of shops will be much apreciated !

started by: kathmay99 · last update: 1445204327 · posted: 1445204327

has any body an idea how much it will cost for a 3 bedroomed house to be rewired throughout limassol area thanks kath

started by: kathmay99 · last update: 1444826364 · posted: 1444735772

does anybody know where i can buy a 6 foot log just need half cut long way in limassol area thanks kath

started by: beabea2000 · last update: 1444815536 · posted: 1444481078

we try to Find a connection from solar pads to the swimming  pool in the garden.Has anyone got a metal detector that I could perhaps borrow to try to find it.I will of course pay for renting the detector.

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Can anyone recommend a good Ironing service in Strovolos Nicosia. Im a very busy mother of three my husband works and so do I. I just about manage to wash the clothes and cant keep up with all the ironing work also. I had a girl coming to my house twice a week but now shes not available any more. Im looking for a professional ironing service locally because I live in Strovolos Nicosia. It will be difficult to travel too far. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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