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Germanys red tape has any one used these

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Hello  I want travel from Budapest to Lisbon via train tomorrow. Please somebody can help me how I can travel and buy train ticket? Please tell me also the cheapest train from Hungary. Also train detail and timetable.   thank you  harinder 

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Hi to the a angloinfo people. le.going on hols tocanada. transformers ?? What do we need to it. Thanks.

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I am just about to set off across Europe to take the ferry from Turkey to Cyprus. Finding verifiable information on this and other services to North Cyprus is an interesting challenge since the various ferry offices do not respond to emails in English. To make life even more interesting the practice of using images instead of text in websites is making translation difficult, to say the least. There are a number of sites which provide limited information: http://www.fergun.net/Seferlerimiz.aspxFergun Shipping seem to be the main ferry company operating from Girne to Ta?ucu and I have independent confirmation that this service exists and the schedule on the web site is good - I have yet to discover whether it is possible to book in advance as I understand the ferry is usually full. Cabins are not mentioned which is a pity since the sailing is overnight and if they are available it would be useful to book one in advance. The prices are said to be net of tax but nothing indicates what the tax rate is. http://www.kuzeymanlar.com/tarifeler_araclar.html Appears to advertise a service between Mersin and Girne but Google Maps shows the Mersin service as terminating in Famagusta. There is an online booking site: http://www.akgunlerdenizcilik.com/At first glance it appears to offer a booking service for the Tasucu - Girne service but closer inspection suggests it is a separate service to Fergun owned by Akgunler Shipping and offers only very occasional car ferry service. Just to make things even more complex the Mersin tourist organisation give apparently comprehensive information athttp://www.mersinkulturturizm.gov.tr/belge/1-33654/nasil-gidilir.htmlhowever, it simply repeats the information on the various websites for which it provides links. It would be of immense help if anyone could clarify the available services and how one might book. Just as valuable would be the kind of background information completely missed by the tourist authority: Is Tasucu the port for Mersin or are they two separate ports?Does one book on the day or if in advance, how?Are there cabins on overnight sailings and if there are must one disembark at 4.30 am or may one sleep longer and disembark at a civilized hour?A tip on an all night café near Girne port for early arrivals who cannot access accommodation at 0500 would be a life saver. The sixty four thousand dollar question: One requires local car insurance before driving in TRNC - is there a place to buy it at 4.30 in the morning? Although not directly relevant to the ferry service I understand one month of car insurance costs 10tl and one year 40tl. It wold be very useful to know whether the annual insurance can be purchased at the port or if not, can it be purchased in advance?

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Does anyone know what is required to enter Australia for a holiday. Do you need a medical certicate / vaccinations? I will be travelling on a British Passport I have been granted an e-visitor visa which I applied for online. Any advise will be appreciated. Many thanks

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Hi I'm planning to take RoC registered car from Cyprus to Europe through North Cyprus and mainland Turkey. Has anyone here done it? Are there restrictions? Local colleague said we might not be able to enter Turkey. Thanks.

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Hi All, Can anyone tell me if the temporary insurance cover that is required to be purchased when crossing from south Cyprus into north Cyprus, is also valid on the Turkish mainland? I was considering taking a short motorcycle tour of Turkey via the Grine Ferry? Many thanks for any help. Kendo. 

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Hello we live near PAPHOS and are looking to hire a car to travel over the boarder into the northern half of the island. Has anybody done this? What is involved? Could somebody PLEASE recommend a car hire company. thank you

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Does anyone have a contact for car insurance to drive in the North.  One we can call before we get to Nicosia crossing. Thanks

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We are travelling to England for Xmas and New Year Holidays with my husband, and will be staying in london for 5 nights from Dec 29 - Jan 3rd. If anybody can advise where to find the best housing options as the hotels are way too expensive. Maybe you have friends or family who are coming to Cyprus for holidays and will be able to rent a flat to us for some decent money during this time? Will be happy to receive any options/replies. Thank you.

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I want to drive to Kyrenia but in a friends car that will need to be insured for the northern side do I need to sh ow proof of ownership. If I cannot get insurance,   how much is a taxi from Nicosia to Kyrenia Thanks in anticipation of replies

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Hi there, has anyone ever,sold there UK property to one of those home buyers companies and been happy with the out come????.

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we have a 1 bed flat in limassol which we are selling.have been told we can advertise free in the u.k. does anyone know how to find site. we had done a search but unable to find,help would be appreciated.

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Being a "British Englishman" married to a "British Scottish lass" for over 35 years, if Scotland decide to opt out of the "Union" (and EU) will I have to: Divorce the wife because shes Non EU? Will she need to apply for a Scottish passport? Will the EU insist the UK northern border is secured? Will I need a passport to visit the in-laws? Will the UK points on the wife's driving licence be transferred to her Non EU Scottish licence? Will the "BRITHISH broadcasting corporation" BBC operate in a Non British, Non EU country? Will "Sir Alex" have to hand back his knighthood? thousands of other questions, what do you think? Will all Scottish people living abroad as EU citizens have to join the Non EU cue and jump through additional hoops? Maybe go home to Non EU Scotland? Will they have the Scottish sheckle? because they will NOT have the "British Pound" or Euro. :-) PS, is Mr  Salmon just looking to be the "President" of Scotland? (at any cost)    

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Before signing up for either Swoggi or Madbid, read this forum: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4978909    

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does anyone know if the EU card would  be accepted to go thru the border? or is it still passport only? thanks in advance

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My daughter and family are coming out for a couple of weeks and are hiring a car from Larnaca airport. We want to take them over the North, so if they buy insurance at the crossing will they be properly covered.  Thanks

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  Please intervene in the barbaric sentencing of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag who is to be hanged .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is time to move !!!!!!!!!!!!! please sign this petition :  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/278/113/666/?taf_id=11185771&cid=fb_na#sign  

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