started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1633211525 · posted: 1609055047

Does anyone know of a reputable breeder of UK Staffordshire bull terrier please.I find it strange there aren't any on the Island as far as I can tell.Any information welcomed

started by: Alex-Ioannides -986792 · last update: 1633078453 · posted: 1615630083

I am looking for a purebred puppy border collie. Its average price is 800-1200 so something close to that.

started by: victoriaaspen · last update: 1626956556 · posted: 1237893136

tack needed for thoroughbred gelding - 16.1hh brown girth cotton or leather fairly large sized brown leather stirrup leathers French link eggbut snaffle 5'' - 5 1/2'' fleece polo bandages - brown, white or burgundy in colour. amathus tack shop didn't have the above i'm not sure if the tack store in larnaca stocks these if any one can help it's much appreciated! it's not me.

started by: Gandolph · last update: 1624113956 · posted: 1250801465

We are plagued by the almost non stop barking of a dog in our neighbourhood and I want to go have a word with the Cypriot owner but have been warned off on the grounds that if I upset him our dog could fall foul of Lanate. The problem is what to do about it. Several of our neighbours have voiced their complaints to me and I suspect they want me to speak on their behalf. No problem, I'm 6'-5", 18 stone and punch my weight. But that's not the answer. I know there are laws that govern disruptive dogs but who do I complain to without having my house identified? I'll take on all comers but my dog is an easy target and I know what would happen if anything happened to it and got hold of the person responsible. Any ideas? Gandolph

started by: monica-tymviou-991917 · last update: 1618867517 · posted: 1618867517

hi! Just wanted to say that i am willing to offer a lot of cash for the squirrel. thanks

started by: monica-tymviou-991917 · last update: 1618867240 · posted: 1618867240

does anyone know where i can find a squirrel in cyprus? i heard there are some in troodos. can someone bring me one?

started by: florimax_cy · last update: 1615101065 · posted: 1615101065

Hi everibody, does anyone know where I could buy a dairy cow and what the price would be with or without transport? I live in in Polis (Paphos)Thanks

started by: stelioseliades · last update: 1613665233 · posted: 1613665233

Looking for a chocolate lambrador puppy....can anybody help?

started by: Elena-Mosfilioti-984207 · last update: 1613244493 · posted: 1613244493

Does anyone know how to buy monkey for cyprus and if that is legal ? 

started by: PillePann · last update: 1609167475 · posted: 1258930290

I would like to know if anyone has Sphynx cats in Cyprus and from where you got them, and how much. I need to know, so i know if i need to import it for myself or can buy it in cyprus too. Thank you, Zsuzsa

started by: Tyre · last update: 1607843000 · posted: 1243872174

Hi, please can anyone recommend a cattery in the Limassol area? Thanks

started by: zippy-684991 · last update: 1604311577 · posted: 1604311577

I posted pics in the classifieds if anyone can offer a home as the cant stay with us unfortunately.

started by: Marios-Soteriou-974067 · last update: 1602659147 · posted: 1602659147

Hi all, i am looking to buy or adopt a tortoise. If you have any and you no longer have the right place to keep or don't want it anymore... it let me know. Thanks. 

started by: Paul-Constantinou-970975 · last update: 1600249091 · posted: 1600249091

Hi,  I'm looking for an old farm to rent for a small dog shelter in Limassol or nearby area. Budget 300-400 euro a month. Must have road access, water and fence.. any ideas or experiences that might be useful to know.  

started by: Odysseas-Laghios-970091 · last update: 1599466336 · posted: 1599466336

Hello im currently living in Cyprus, Nicosia and i really want to give a home to either a sphynx or elf kitten. Does anyone know where i could find one being good quality. Thank you very much!

started by: Anna-Hartworth-967620 · last update: 1596489822 · posted: 1596489822

20 cats poisoned in Parekklissia!  STAY AWAY!  

started by: Domnia-Styl-964158 · last update: 1592828264 · posted: 1592828264

Hi.. i want to buy a female chihuahua. I am from limassol, cyprus. I can give about 300 evro .. Thanks! Whrite under if you want to help 

started by: florimax_cy · last update: 1592574895 · posted: 1592574895

Anybody know from were i can buy a good diary cattle in cyprus..and how much will cost me aproximatly with delivery in Paphos district included? Thank you

started by: Martha-Antoniou-959033 · last update: 1586339625 · posted: 1586339625

is it legal in cyprus to have a senegal bushbaby as a pet?

started by: Becky Veitch · last update: 1581543392 · posted: 1562001412

Has anyone “lost” a Rottweiler looking dog since Saturday night in the Finikaria area?  I don’t know much but this dog wasn’t there Saturday but appeared Sunday morning.  He/she will not leave the old quarry area; it’s as if it’s waiting for it’s owner.  It won’t approach you but I’ve left food and thank god it’s got water. Unfortunately finikaria seems to be a favourite place for dog dumping.  Anyone with any info or know about this dog please post on here.  thanks so much.

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