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The message is intended to contact anyone who is willing tosupport me  with their valuable presencein Paphos Area at Geroskipou,where on Monday morning the Department of Healthof Geroskipou Municipality insists to visit me for inspection in my premisesrelated to keeping my dogs inside the house and that is illegal, on the grounds of security ofpublic health and as they commanded me i must reduce my dogs to their desirablenumber,interfering in my personal life and my dogs good life mainly. This is a voice of help against anyone who claims to act forthe interests of "public health" or any other similar claim which has no grounds.Since when dogs in a civilized country would be such adisgrace  ?AND WHY I HAVE TO BE POINTED  FOR TAKING CARE OF SUCH SWEET HEARTS? I would be more than happy if you could contact me topublish the issue. My contact number is 96948292 . Awaiting the soonest, Regards, Demi Vassou

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Hi, I'm looking for a pet sitter who can stay at my house (a dog, a puppy and a cat), or someone who can baby sit a puppy for 3 days at their house while I'm away. I don't mind the area, I myself am in Limassol.Dog kennels won't do, as the puppy only had her first vaccination.

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Were hoping it will not be too much longer before we finally make our way to live in Cyprus. Is it ok to just turn up with a dog, or do we need to do anything ? vaccination's .. etc  he's chipped and I know ive to get a pet passport for them. Any ideas would be appreciated.cheers carol

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Hello everyoneI have a 2 years old 5 generation pedigree Rhodesian Ridgeback named Walter who is in his prime for mating but haven't found any females yet. He is an amazingly good looking dog, intelligent with a playful character.. I am happy to send pictures upon request!We are based in Nicosia -but can travel - and would love to meet anyone that has a RR bitch and is interested in having beautiful puppies :)Thanks guys let me know!Dee

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We intend to drive from the CZ with our puppy to the South of Cyprus and need information on the quickest vehicle/ pet  ferry (due to the pup)could anyone help us with some actual information.Thanks,Kim.

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I live in a block building, with other 18 flats in it. My neighbor, bout canary birds, and the are singing ALL THE TIME. I can't take it anymore.I asked the neighbor to do something about it, but I was ignored.I wanted to know, is it legal to have birds if they are destructing peace of your neighbors in Cyprus?She also have a dog that barks and gives music lessons all day long (but what really bothers me, is the birds).Thank you in advance

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Hello, me and my boyfriend are moving to Cyprus next week and have been thinking about buying a golden retriever for ages now. We planning kids in near future and goldens characteristics suit us perfectly.maybe anyone has some info to help me out? Thank you so much!

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My siamese cat has gone missing in oroklini. Has anyone seen him? His name is Kiri and he is chippedMY EMAIL IS duncanmarkm@primehome.com

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I am shocked as have contacted PARC , STRAYHAVEN AND PAFOS PRIVATE DOG SANCTUARY regarding a dog in my area with a broken front leg and each one of them refused to help will in to take in money but when and animal in pain really needs help where are they.   If anyone can help with catching this poor dog as she is very timid 

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Does anyone know where I can buy Diatomaceous Earth in Cyprus?

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I wondered if anyone knows who is trapping cats in Konia at the moment? I have adopted an already spayed cat, with ear cut, also wearing a collar with a sure flap disc on it.  She disappeared the other night, and returned last night in a lot of pain, someone had opened her up again, and left her full of infection!!!  She is currently at my brilliant vets in Konia but surely these idiots know she must belong to someone, am so so mad....

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Where can I get a copy of the NEW dog license law.What do I get for my money.Will I get a document to say my dog is licensed!

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Hello, does anyone know if there's any English bulldogs up for adoption?  Would really love one.

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i lost my dog 3/3/2017 at pareklishia area, was mini pincher brown 1 year very friendly if have any info please call at 99541073

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A couple of years ago, Jimmy the bargain hunter managed to source some styrofoam boxes as houses for stray cats. Are you still out there, Jimmy, and is there any chance you could find some for me, please?Thanks in advance, for any info

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I have nine tortoises that I may have to rehome. Does anyone know of a caring tortoise rescue group that may be able to help?

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