Barking dog. Again.

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We are plagued by the almost non stop barking of a dog in our neighbourhood and I want to go have a word with the Cypriot owner but have been warned off on the grounds that if I upset him our dog could fall foul of Lanate. The problem is what to do about it. Several of our neighbours have voiced their complaints to me and I suspect they want me to speak on their behalf. No problem, I'm 6'-5", 18 stone and punch my weight. But that's not the answer. I know there are laws that govern disruptive dogs but who do I complain to without having my house identified? I'll take on all comers but my dog is an easy target and I know what would happen if anything happened to it and got hold of the person responsible. Any ideas? Gandolph


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Go to the Mucktar (mayor) in your village complain and ask him to keep it quiet and your fear as to why, I know how you feel we have the same problem and have recently had two strays in our garden both just skin and bone so unfair!!

If you are in fear of this for your dogs sake (the same reason I don't complain) then you should ask the others to go to the Mayor those who do not have pets and they should speak up.

Good luck!

Kind regards

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You can buy a dog barking control unit, cheap on e-bay, see item number: 120458274054 or 290316231638

I heard that they work good, good luck!


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the only thing one can do to a dog that has grown accustomed to barking is put a muzzle on it or try and train it, but I doubt very much this owner will do much. If he has threatened lanate, then im guessing he is not an animal lover so quite probable his dog is not well looked after.

just curious but how much does this dog bark? is it all day? or only when people or other animals walk by. does it bark when the owner is there?

Is the dog barking so serious that its taken over your life and you really need to open a can of worms? I have a lot of barking dogs on my street and sometimes they can bark for ever as they seem to be communicating with each other, but we have all learned to live with it and its been 2 years on now.

Gandolph 1250966702

The dog in question is an Alsation probably around eight months old; a lovely dog but in the hands of inconsiderate or deaf owners. It's chained up in the open area beneath the building that is typical of many Cypriot houses.

Last night it was still barking at 01-00 so it's not barking at passers by; it can't see the road from it current position. I think the animal is stressed and that's what contributes to it's barking.

The Mukhtar is one of the old breed who doesn't really want 'outsiders' but is happy to take our money for taxes etc, but having said, that I've never had a bad word with the guy. I know there's a crowd who gather at the coffee shop every evening and am convinced that word would rapidly get back to the owner of said dog with all the problems that entails.

I thought of visiting the District Officer and explaining my reasons for taking that route but have reservations as to the value of such a plan.

Do the police have a duty to follow up complaints?


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I don't know which area you live in, but Argos will report on your behalf without giving your details to the local district veterinary officer. They will then check the conditions the animal is kept and speak to the owner.

Good luck


Gandolph 1251043057

Dear All,

I received a very polite private message from a member here drawing my attention to the fact that I had inadvertantly 'tarred all Cypriots with the same brush' by refering to the use of Lanate by Cypriots.

As was rightly pointed out, not all Cypriots hold with the use of this product and for that I would apologise to those who feel offended.

The fact remains though, that it is a widely held belief that if you upset one of the 'locals', you may expect retribution by way of an anonymous contribution of Lanate laced food thrown where you animal will find it.

A neighbours dog picked up some dog bisciuts that had been soaked in Lanate or the new poison that's available here and died soon after even though they got it to the vet very quickly.

The vet said hunters spread these bisciuts in areas they want to keep 'private' for their own hunting. These particular bisciuts were spread along a public road where anyone's dog or even a child could have picked them up.

To those who felt offence, my apologies.

To those who use this stuff, be thanful I don't know who you are.


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Hi Gandolph,

I can speak from experience from the other side of the coin where it is my neighbours who have complained about my dogs barking,but from a vindictive and mentality aspect as I rescue them and try to rehome as I don't want them to be euthanised.They are well behaved dogs as I am an Animal Behaviourist and they only bark when children cycle past/throw stones at them to wind them up,people deciding to walk their dogs right up to mine, or the neighbours winding them up and so I have had to take video evidence to show this!

Not going into my details,I can tell you that the Municipality would indeed inform this person who had complained despite the fact that they are not supposed to,that the Muckta is only equivalent to a Mayor and once again would stick up for his own as they're the ones who voted him in!The Police could fine the person for being a Disturbance,once again they are not allowed to say who reported them but they wouldn't take away the dog.

The dog you are referring to is obviously upset and distressed as needs companionship and to be free to work or be a part of a team with either other dogs or an owner.Highly Intelligent dogs need stimulous and his only communication is to bark.

I fully apprieciate where you are coming from as barking affects us and irritates and leads to our own stress too.

Perhaps another approach would be to get someone to come with you to speak to the man and try to educate him as to why the dog is barking and if some solution can be made?

The District vet may help if you explain that you do not want to fall out with this man as you wish to protect your dog.

Any poisoning is an offence now and if this ever happened you have to report it to the Police and the District Vet have to take in the animal for tests to prove it was poisoned and the person you suspect can be prosecuted if traces found in their home.However,it doesn't bring back your lovely companion.

Dogs can be removed from the premises if it is barking constantly 24 hours and if they are not licenced or micro chipped.

However this poor animal who from no fault of it's own will end up going through the process of being in Municipality hands and that is awful,if it survives will be sent to a Shelter to live day by day on death row unless someone gives it a home.

Could you not offer to take the dog for a walk when you are walking yours?

Sometimes dog owners like these need to be Educated.

It took me 3 years to get my neighbours to leave their Labrador out of the cage,but now 2 years later they walk it on a lead and it lives outside with freedom! 5 years of hard work but a happy dog!The thanks I get is to be victimised now with my dogs,but I fight because like children,dogs don't ask to be born;especially in Cyprus!

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Hi gandolf,

Sorry to hear about your neighbors dog. I know exactly what u are going through!!! Our neighbor has about 5 hunting dogs locked in a cage. The cage is not even big enough for one dog let alone 5. And they bark all day and all night. The thing is the cage is right outside my kitchen & bedroom windows. And the smell is unbelievable and the noise, well you know. We've tried talking to them nicely as friends and we've threatened them. Nothing. We've called the police and the municipality but they don't really care. The municipality came round once to give them a warning, they moved the dogs away, but a week later they got other dogs.
I really do hope you resolve your problem.

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one friend of mine she had the same problem... and they were complaining to the dogs owner but because they didnt want to make trouble to the same dogs with police or goverment vet or mayor office...they heard about one system that u add it to ur garden to a tree...near the dogs...and when they bark the system send a noise to them so cause is too high they stop barking and everybody are happy

dogs are at home - alive

and the next home ppl are happy as well

and the cost? 100 euros approx.

Gandolph 1251357606

My thanks to all for very constructive and informative replies however the animal is too far away for any silencing device to be effective.

The problem is that Alsations are highly intelligent dogs that need stimulation and this one is just chained up below the house with no stimulous whatsoever.

The owner obviously hasn't a clue or doesn't care and it's only a matter of time before the animal bites one of the children.

I think this was a case of buying a cute puppy without considering any future ramifications. Needless to say but the kids no longer play with the dog therefore it's bored witless and just barks at its concrete surroundings in the hope that someone will give it some attention.


GATA-675324 1251360917

then think about the dog and call the goverment vet in ur town and the mayor office on ur area as well....

tell them that is in chains and is barking all the time...

and ask for the name for the person u speak and after tell him that if the dog bite anyone i will call to the newspapers that i called and u didnt do anything... :))))

that works!!!

die5-688335 1251379641

Gata is right with the government vet.
From ou own experience, it helps to talk to the owner (and to everybody else) together with an Cypriot MAN!!

catmeister212 1251396294

why dont you befriend the owner. tell him if he would like, you can sometimes walk his dog for him. if he asks why tell him, he has a beautiful dog and he needs a good exercise and that you like dogs.

GATA-675324 1251449235

it depends everytime with the person it doesnt matter from where it is...

u can try as the catmeister told you...u never know...maybe u can be friends after all and all happy...

if he asks why u want to take the dog for a walk dont say cause it barks cause if he refuses or the dog still barks u can make a complain without knowing that is you

Anna007 1251460293

Hi Gandolph,

How far away is the barking dog from your house?

Without giving away your location are you to the left of the island or to the right?

Is the dog in a cage without covering over so it can see out,or is it in darkness?

Let's see if we can do something constructive for the dog as whatever you do with the authorities you are stuck and it isn't good to be stressed over the barking as it starts to bug you on a daily basis.

Gandolph 1251468870

My sincere thanks for your replies and interest in not just mine but more importantly, the dogs welfare.

We are in a small village on the outskirts opf Paphos and the dog is chained in the open area beneath the main part of the house; like the house is built on stilts.

Last night the owners had freinds round and they all sat out the front of the house while the poor dog was going frantic in it's area below. No one took any notice of the dogs barking or the effect on the locality. People tell me if I complain to the Mukhtar he will tell the owner who has made the complaint and thus, escalation. Which is what I'm trying to avoid.

I will try the government vet on Monday and explain about the possibilty of children being bitten; it may never happen but what I do not want is for the dog to suffer at the hands of it owner. Now or at any time in the future. We did think about offering to take the dog for a walk but decided against it because of our own animals.

Once again folks,

Many thanks for the interest shown.


Anna007 1306106598's been a while are things with the dog barking/ I hope it has all sorted out for the best? Sincere regards Anna

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Are you referring to the law of October 2004? In which case,,have you seen many people being prosecuted who have dogs barking all day and night? Have you seen EVERY Municipality's dog pound?..I can assure you that only ''outsiders are sent to court for making money out of them, and ''ganging'' up when the REAL culprits are allowing their poor dogs to bark..because they are just for show, or stuck in a cage 24 hours a day just to..HUNT? There is a page on Face Book called CALF Cyprus Animal Liberation Front..and they are proving these laws are useless and the Authorities are the ones breaking the laws! It is a headache when dogs are barking all day long..on and affects the nerves..these owners are not fined because when push comes to shove..they throw them away or kill them. It's decent people who get sent to court just so some Authorities look as if they are doing their job!

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I just got back from a month on Cyprus, and barking dogs will be one of my enduring memories of the place. Every dog in the Cyprus seems to have gone mad. They all yap at you as you walk along any street, and the owners don't appear to have anything like the embarrassment I'd have it was my dog.

I spent my final week in Peyia near Paphos, and that was on another level. Every night, we'd be serenaded to nightlong intermittent performances from what must have been a dog and rooster choir. One dog would start barking, and then others would join in and build to a crescendo, then taper off as the rooster section would come in with their crowing, accompanied by the occasional dog howling. This would taper off and it would fall silent for anywhere between 10 to 45minutes before the same thing would happen again. All night. Every night.

It was simultaneously aggravating and impressive- I'd never heard such a chorus of animals reacting to each other, and it felt like I was on some kind of safari. I read an article in the Cyprus Mail from 2017 which talks of a dog barking 'plague' in Paphos, and it appears that nothing has changed.

I liked Cyprus, but it was enough of a thing to make me choose another destination next time I think.

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