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Graham S 1521720498

For some reason I didn't get a text box for the initial posting, so here's what I'd like to find out.

Over the years we've heard a bird we've always assumed to totally nocturnal, as it is active from about 10pm to 4am. We've always called it the "squeaky door bird" or "squeaky wheel bird" because its call sounds exactly like a bicycle wheel in need of some oil. This year, however, it has been calling during the day from a tree outside our bathroom window.  Anyone any ideas?


Graham S 1522258148

Yes, that's what we thought until this year, when it's been active from about 9am to 3pm and silent during the night!  I'm still inclined to think that'swhat it is,but why it's suddenly become diurnal is a puzzle!

Cheers and thanks


Nigel Howarth 1522340027

Could it be a cicada - Summer cicada sound and video ?

Graham S 1522350241

Thanks for the thought, NIgel, but it's very definitely a bird. It's active roughly from mid-March till early October,and until this year entirely nocturnal. It's actually quite comforting - the sound of "everything's OK and the world's still turning"! We'd miss it if it wasn't here; would just love to know what it is!



Nigel Howarth 1522364862

Hi Graham

The scops owl is nocturnal so it's unlikely to be what you're hearing.during the day. I thought you said it's been active from about 9am to 3pm and silent during the night?



Graham S 1522383012

This year, yes - that's what made me ask about it. As you'll see from the initial post, in previous years it's been out and about from about 10pm to 4am.


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