Do we need anything in particular to bring a dog into cyprus to live with us?

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Were hoping it will not be too much longer before we finally make our way to live in Cyprus. Is it ok to just turn up with a dog, or do we need to do anything ? vaccination's .. etc  he's chipped and I know ive to get a pet passport for them. Any ideas would be appreciated.cheers carol


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The standard requirements for bringing a pet into Greece are that your pet must be micro chipped and registered, and must have had a rabies vaccination within the last 12 months, but more than 30 days ago. As long as these conditions are fulfilled - you're good to go! For a good dog life I'd recommend taking property on the outskirts of Cyprus - more space for your four-legged buddy to run around! It can feel quite clustered near the centre of the city. If you haven't already got your property, my friend recommend me this agent and I'm currently in the midst of completing a deal with them. Best of luck!

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