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Does anyone know of a really good Labrador Retriever breeder in Cyprus?  A breeder (in the UK definition) rather than a puppy farm?  Indeed is there a demand for high quality, lovingly nurtured labs, from good hip scored and strong bloodlines?


annecollings 1157883432

Why not try the Cyprus Kennel Club. Sorry I don't have a phone number but they probably have a web site...?  Or directory enquiries, or ask any reputable vet for their details.

angel-661592 1158086616

Try this company, they are based in Nicosia. I got my Pedigree Shi Tzu from them and she came from abroad with passport, chipped and export pedigree. They are really good and can help you with Shows etc.

Hot Dogs - 70001888

Good Luck

kevinjc 1158093439

What a good idea, does anyone know of another Border Terrier out here. I would love to breed off my dog he is a pedigree, but to me he's the best anyway. But would love another.

June-660755 1158144898

Why are you all wanting pure bred dogs???  There are thousands of dogs being put to sleep every day in Cyprus (and the UK) because people like you want pure breds and make others want to make money out of breeding dogs!  A dog is a dog no matter what he looks like!

So many puppies and older dogs are starving to death because they have been abandoned.  Every day the shelters in Cyprus are destroying dogs because there is no place for them - healthy, loving dogs that just need a loving and responsible home.  It is not their thought they were brought into this world so why do they have to suffer because people want pure breds so encourage breeding!  So sad.

snursy 1158146411

Well done for your comments June. I find it very sad that people only want pedigree dogs, when there are so many lovely dogs needing a home.

Perhaps it is the Brits mentality SAD

kazzi-660835 1158147270

I support everything June says, there are hundreds of lovely dogs in Cyprus just desperate for a home through no fault of their own. Please have a look at the websites www.barc-org and and see some of their beautiful dogs before you think of buying a pedigree. It is a tempting idea to have a pup from your own dog - but who is going to have the other 6 pups from the litter? Can you really guarantee they will not go to homes where they may be ill-treated or dumped? It is just adding to the problem.

annecollings 1158186715

I also agree with what you are saying about giving a home to an abandoned / stray dog, even though I did reply originally saying that they could contact the Kennel Club to find a pure breed.  I have 3 stray dogs of my own and usually always recommend or encourage people to rehome a dog from one of the many shelters around the island.  I have been involved with rescue centres here and am a member of one and always try to support all the animal charities.  Believe me, I have seen some awful things. 

A friend of mine has rescued many dogs and even had a pure breed labrador which was tatooed in the ear, dumped outside her house!  Luckily he was happily rehomed.  When my friend traced the breeder from the tatoo, he had not kept the name and address of who he sold the pups to!  Can you believe it? !!! 

There are many pure breed dogs in the shelters, I have seen Pekingese, Cocker spaniels, huskies, samoyed, labrador.  Why do people want to breed more dogs...  Well, I think we all know why.  My friend has pure breed dogs of her own and rescue dogs and has gotten many a dog through sickness etc and rehomed them.  This is not the only person I know who does this,  I have a few friends who do this kind of thing out of their own pockets.  The shelters are so inundated.  The dogs that end up at BARC have a very good life and most of them find good homes.  Most of the other shelters are inundated with dogs (cats, horses, donkeys etc).  At one of the shelters I know of, the dogs are condemned there for life, or at most a very long time, in disgusting conditions in a prison!   

Also, why oh why, do people import dogs from abroad like Huskies, Samoyed and Chow Chow, to a country as hot as this???


June-660755 1158683325

Thanks for all your support - good to hear there are many good animal people out there.  Me & my partner have been here nearly 5 years and have rescued many cats and dogs.  We have rehomed over 200 cats/kittens and 50 dogs, plus go to the streets and neuter/spay (so far about 300) animals.  We are not a charity just a couple who hate to see a poor animal abandoned, sick or injured.  We never give to the shelter because they are always full plus a lot of dogs have to be put to sleep because there is no room for them at the shelters.  We have just took in another dog even though we already have our own rescued dog, who is jealous of other dogs so we can't keep any more (he would kill another dog just through his insecurity).  We are also looking after someone's dog which is going to the UK in January (a dog we rescued 4 years ago), which stays in our bedroom.  Plus we have 36 cats, one of which has been hit by a car and lives in our spare bedroom where he is recovering from his injuries.  We have nowhere to put this 3rd dog, who is so loving and a little scared (obviously been abused).  He has to sleep in the bathroom and we have to juggle the dogs around which is stressful and not good for the dogs but it is better than being on the streets.  So if anyone can help us rehome this new dog we would be grateful - he is medium sized, has a beautiful dark brown short haired coat and is such a sweetie.  Email me to see a pic at  Also see our website  Any help would be appreciated.  Lets hope Freedom Cafe Bar decides on rescuing a dog or even ours!! 

Elena-Butrym-937026 1556521219

expecting  labrador puppies middle of may.champion parents,DNA health certificate,free of dysplasia certificate.

Oksan-Atilan-946257 1570623581

Do you still have any labrador puppies?

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