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I would like to know if anyone has Sphynx cats in Cyprus and from where you got them, and how much. I need to know, so i know if i need to import it for myself or can buy it in cyprus too. Thank you, Zsuzsa


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I saw sphynx cats at the cat show recently held at the Thalassa centre, organised by the Cyprus Feline Society. I asked about the cost of another breed - a Scottish Fold - and it was around 5000 euros.

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Thank you a lot,

5000 EUR , its too much.. i can get one kitten for like 1/5th of that price from somewhere else...

thanks again for sharing this info with me,


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surely you mean 500 euros, not 5000! :)

Persians cost 300 euros so I assume 500 would be for a cat that is not so common in CY.

Last year I asked about Scottish folds at the cat show and they told me about 600-900 euros, so maybe their prices are lower this year.

BTW, Sphynx cats must always be indoors. Please keep that in mind if you decide to get one.

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I have 2 don sphynx red kittens for sale. The are from an excellent line of parents with pedigree papers and are fully vaccinated. They are 3 months old 1 male and 1 female, pure white with gold eyes. They are house trained very friendly and used to other pets. The price is 800 euro. You can call me on 99668370.

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Hello anyone knows where i can buy a sphynx cat here in Nicosia? Im really interested.

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there are candian sphynx kittens available at https://murvel.eu/litter-a

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