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lots of info on here about brining pets to Cyprus but how do you get them back if you need to like i do. I have the pet passport i have a good vet to do the worms and ticks requirement 48 hours before i've had the rabies blood test (not personally of course) how do i now find an airline that will transport my beloved little dog and how do i find out which box i need to transport him and last but not least how much do i have to pay to do this? i have been on so many sites and read so much conflicting advise but now i am ready to accept the help and advice from anyone who has done this - even obvious solutions are welcome - i wont be offended (honest) thanks In my dreams

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annecollings 1161554078

I took my two cyprus rescue dogs to the UK and then back to Cyprus. I did mine through BFAWS Dhekalia (british bases) Tel: 24 74 44 32.

Paphiakos Animal Welfare in Pafos also arrange things Tel: 26 946 461.

Good Luck!

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I used Air Supply Shipping Agents to bring out my 3 cats. They arranged everything for me, flights, boxes, pick up from my home and delivery to the airport.
I know they do arrange flights back to the UK and I will be using them when I go back to the UK.
I tried several different companies for quotes but they offered by far the best value and service.

June-660755 1161705482

We are also taking cats and dogs back to the UK (see our website: and have been speaking directly with Cyprus Airways on costs etc.

Handling fees for flights before 18:00 is £104.00cy (regardless how many pets)

Handling fees for flights after 18:00 is £120.00cy (regardless how many pets)


the cost of the flight depends on the weight and dimension of the box (not expensive)


UK Airport charges for transportation and examination of pet is £40 GB(transportation from airplane to animal reception area) and £13 GB.

As it is only a little dog will cost around £300 altogether which you pay at the airport when you check your dog in (this will include UK airport charges). Book your flight direct with Cyprus Airways, then get your tick and worm treatment which has to be between 24 and 48 hours when the animal arrives in the UK, if when the animal arrives it has been less than 24 hours or more than 48 hours since the dog had the treatment the animal will not be allowed to enter the UK, it also must be dated with a time by the vet!

Do not use Pafos as they are expensive and so are the agents. Cheaper to do it yourself especially as you only have one animal. Also try to go on the same flight so you are with the animal before and after the flight. Do not sedate him unless he is panicking and trying to break free, it is dangerous to give a sedation tablet to a pet when travelling (don't let your vet talk you into giving this tablet, sometimes they give valium!).

As for the size of the box:

1.Measure for the point of its nose to base of its tail(its bum)

measure for the floor to its elbow,half that measurement and add on the half to the Length of the dog,that the lenght of the box

2.Now measure its fattest point weather its it stomach or shoulders x 2 and that it the width of the box.

3.Now measure from the floor to its top of its head and thats the hight of the box.

All these need to be taken with the animal in a natural standing position.

I will get the telephone number for you to ring Cyprus Airways.

Llelayne 1162189103


Been trying to get in touch with you in order to help, but do not have contact details. Please e-mail me.

Tess, Llelayne House Cattery


kelly-659798 1162201777

many many thanks for all your help.

will email you both


In my dreams

ana dan 1378392284

hiya, i have a big dog, about 30 kg, maybe a bit less, we'd like to go from cyprus to the uk. what do u think the lowest score can be? and how to get that? thanks


junemichael 1378393034

You just need to ring around the airlines to get a cost for the flight, also depends on which airport you are flying the dog into the UK as their handling charges (included in the charges given by the airline here) are different for each airport, Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Gatwick etc.  Cyprus Airways, Flythomson, Monarch and British airways all fly animals in to the UK from cyprus. You have to give them the dimensions of the box you are sending the dog in and the weight of the box wit hte dog it for them to give you a quote, also weekend flights are more expensive than week day flights


ScattyAnnie 1378577141

To send a SINGLE cat or dog to the UK on a scheduled Thomson flight, arriving before 20:00hrs on a Monday to Friday costs £430 - about €510.

You need an airline approved crate and the animal must comply with the regulatiosn of the EU Pet Passport Scheme ie have a passport, rabies vaccination, microchip etc. 

Dogs (only dogs) require tapeworm treatments 24-120 hours before their scheduled departure time, they do not require flea and tick treatment.  When you visit the vet for this, the vet will also stamp section IX of their passport, confirming they are fit enough to reach their destination (fit to fly).  Cats do NOT require tapeworm or flea and tick treatment, just the "fit to fly" stamp.

If it is a SMALL dog, it may be cheaper to fly to Heathrow (and only to Heathrow) with Cyprus Airways, otherwise most airlines charge by PER pet.

To fly (for example to Dublin) the best and cheapest way is with Lufthansa via Frankfurt - it is a (very) long journey.  If you go via Heathrow, the charge from Heathrow to Dublin is extortionate.

This is just a brief answer, but if I can help, please email.  Thanx  Anne

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