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My nan and i brought this little boy home bathed and pampered him, we did this to help a lady at a kennels she is so busy and cannot find enough hours in the day to complete her tasks. At the present time she has 65 dogs that she is caring for if there is anyone out there who could find it in their heart to give this poor little mite a loving home, please phone me on 23744208 if not this one, there's many more that need and deserve a home outside of a cage. Please, Please give it some thought. I have 3 of my own, plus a rescued kitten so cannot commit to anymore. I can send you a picture if you are interested. Thank You Amy

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We are buying an apartment in Cyprus and want to spend several months a year there, transporting our retriever backwards and forwards. However, I can't get a sensible answer about costs from anyone. Does anyone know of an airline which handles pet transport and also allows the owner to deal with the travel arrangements and delivering the dog and crate to the airport at both or one end. Or do we have to do it through an agency every time. What are the overall costs likely to be, including all handling? Does this vary according to the airline? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi am moving over to Limassol on 24th of this month - after reading through all of the messages on the Forum, could anyone please clarify where/how I register my dog once I have arrived and if you feel that a muzzle at all times would be a good idea.  I have read many conflicting messages about attitudes to dogs over there, I am becoming quite nervous.  Thanks for your time.  Cathy Cathy

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Beautiful 2/3 month old kitten in need of very loving and secure home for the rest of her life.  Female.  99786403.

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Small dogs ages 10-12 months old need loving and secure homes for the rest of their lives.  Healthy male and female.  Vaccinated.  Female's spayed.  Not poodles.  Need to see as each one is different and I can't explain their breeds.  Tel 99786403.  Free to the good homes.

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I am unexpectedly moving back to the UK in September and must find a new home for my Cyprus Poodle, who I rescued last year. He has a wonderful loving nature, and would make anybody an excellent pet. He plays happily with other dogs and even cats. He has had 'the op', and is fully vacinated and fontlined. He is used to living outside in a kennel, but will happily also lay on your lap and watch TV with you. He really needs a new home URGENTLY, and if you can't give him one, perhaps you know somebody who can.

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Please help me to get home! My name is Smokey and I am a silver persian cat. I wear a black collar and I have a micro-chip. I am also a very friendly cat. I lost my way on the 10th of August in the morning and I am desperate to go home to my mum and my little friend who is four, she likes to brush my long fur and wont understand why I am not at home letting her fuss me! I live in Mesa Chorio and my mum's telephone number is: 99786240 Reward!!      

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Is it me or is the new law with regards dog registration a total rip off!!! We live in an area where there are loads of 'hunting' dogs, locked in pens for 6 months of the year, who bark incessantly.  Are these registered - I don't think so! I, abiding by the rules, as I thought I should, went to the vets to register, who charged me for the privelege.  I then went to the Larnaca Vet agency, and registered there, as told to do.  I was charged again! I then went to the local Muchtar, to register in the village, again as told to do, and got charged AGAIN!!!!! This whole law seems to be a way of getting money out of the English, who love their pets.  I have no objection with abiding by rules etc if they cover everyone and are enforced. When I asked the Muchtar if all the dogs in the village, including the ones who keep me awake night after night are registered, he openly admitted they weren't and said there was nothing he 'could' do as it is very 'difficult'. I think a new government job ' dog warden' should be put in place!!!! Chris Chris G

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I am looking for a new home for my lovely 1-year old Cyprus poodle/cross male, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and front-lined.  He has a lovely character, very friendly and a happy little chap.  Colour honey/white and only a little curly!  We rescued him from a field with his siblings when they were abandoned at 4 months old, so please can someone offer him a loving and secure home as we are unable to take him to our new home in September.  He has always lived outside in our yard in his own little plastic house which he can take to his new owners.  If you can help please tel 99 860339 - Larnaca area.

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Very lovely collie cross dog in need of loving, secure and happy home for life.  Not sure of exact age but not too old.  Prefer to go to home without other pets.  Tel 25311329.

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Please see our website at www.cypruscatrescue.co.uk and give your help and support.  We rescue cats and dogs at our very small house and every penny we can get our hands on go to helping sick, injured and abandoned cyprus cats and dogs.  Thank you.

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I am not sure that it is my place to inform people, but I thought that everyone should be notified of the very sad news that Patsy (Patsy's Pet Services advertised in this forum) passed away. Patsy was truly a wonderful person and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.  May I send my condolences to her family and friends. Anne (Anne's Dog Grooming Ltd)  

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Hi all, I am looking for a dog container that is up to IATA standards to fly a german shepherd to the UK.  Perhaps someone has used one to bring a pet into the island that they no longer need?  Any advice as where to buy such a thing would also be gratefully recieved. Thanks, John.

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I am considering the idea of starting a small dog boarding kennel in Paphos, can anyone help with info on the rules and regulations for this in Cyprus? Is there demand for a kennel business? I already own a few dog kennels/runs for my own dogs in the UK, would I be able to bring these with me? Thanks, Kathryn. Kathryn

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Hallo everybody! Does anybody have or know the people who have Canadian Sphinx? Please come forward! You would be very appreciated!   Thank you in advance!   Who has a SPHINX?

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I found exactly what i was looking for and now i cant!  I'm looking for a guy named Phil who had posted an ad in the classified commercial section.  I would dearly love to get in touch with him about basic obedience dog training for me and my mutt.  I have his phone number but would like to see if he has an email address.  I will be moving to Limassol in October and need lesson fast once we settle. becky

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We still have 4 very cute and litter trained kittens looking for good homes. They are used to dogs and are about 8 weeks old, and need to find new owners. If you would like one or two ( they enjoy play fighting with each other) please let me know ASAP Thanks - Julie

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Firstly, does anyone have Episkopi Saddle Club phone number? I am also looking for a horse to buy - any ideas? Cheers, Anne

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Four amazing, playful Collie cross puppies are looking to find a good caring home. All puppies have been vaccinated and de-wormed and are in perfect health. Interested parties should preferably have a garden or backyard since puppies are outdoor trained.   Located in Limassol   For further information please contact me via email or at the number 99 793996 Angieafterdark69@hotmail.com

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We have a very friendly stray mummy cat and her 4 kittens ( 7 weeks old, litter box trained and very very cute) looking for a safe home. The female is about 1 year old, black and white and very tame now, after living in an outroom in our garden for a while now! If you are looking for a kitten, please let me know. One is blacky grey with amber eyes, two are black and white and one is ginger, black and white. They are ready to leave their mum now, although the mum needs to be rehomed too, if you can find a space for her. Thanks - julie ( Limassol area)

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