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HI, We are relocating to Cyprus (possibly pervolia) at the end of the year, we have a boxer dog who will be coming with us have any of you experienced any problems with people harming dogs?  We are a bit concerned as she is everything to us and we understand that Cypriots aren't very dog friendly. Is it ok to take dogs out with you most of the day etc?  Are the vet's good?  Is there a pet insurance plan in place in Cyprus?  Thanks for your help Sam samsacha

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Please view our event poster for details at: http://img159.imageshack.us/img159/2354/coffeemorning8td.jpg Our animals are not feral cats & dogs - they are household pets whose owners have been unable to take with them to their next posting. All are spayed/neutered and have up-to-date vaccinations. Regards, Nigel (aka EPHMH)

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We are leaving Cyprus unexpectedly and need to find a new home for our adopted stray white Cyprus poodle" George". He has an excellent temperament, loves walks, and has been neutered and vaccinated.  If you think he might be just what you need, then please contact us on 99934218.

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Beautiful 6 month old puppies desperate for loving and responsible homes for their life.  Telephone 99555311 to view.

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Beautiful kittens, 6 weeks old in need of loving and responsible homes for their life.  Please telephone 99942891.

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Two lovely dogs,brother and sister,urgently need loving home.Unable to keepany longer.Found them abandoned,now 6 months old,german pointer cross,jabs up to date.to close to each other to split.Please help,I don't want to take them to shelter.Can supply photo by e-mail.Or call me at 99404719.that's all folks

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Hello everyone, I'm Ellie and have just come back from another fantastic week in Cyprus and have fallen madly in love with the island, people and not least of all the wonderful food and plentiful brandy. My partner Garry and I have been looking into running a cattery in the UK but are seriously considering heading to Cyprus to start a new chapter. Is there anyone who could offer a few words of advice? Have you a cattery of your own? Is it a viable business in Cyprus? Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks and if you're in Cyprus now...have a brandy for us!! Ellie *

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Hi, I'm may be visiting Cyprus for about a month and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can bring my middle sized dog. We travel a lot and he's microchipped and got his eu health passport and everything which is fine for going by car through mainland europe but I'm not sure if I can bring him to Cyrprus with that or if I have to get other stuff and if I'll have to do it in Greek? I don't really want to leave him in kennels so long.

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We will be bringing our cat when we move to Cyprus in early May. I have made enquiries on the BA web site regarding the type of container permitted, and we have tried to purchase one which is acceptable.  However, in one shop we were advised that the normal bog-standard cat box is acceptable to the airline, which now confuses me. Can anyone tell me from first hand experience what type of container they used, and also if anyone has had any problem when checking in at the airport. Thanks. Any other useful information would be appreciated.        

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last night I found a beautiful black labrador cross dog on my doorstep - he is very tame and well behaved and seems to like children very much ( I have four!) He is probably greek speaking and desperately undernourished - maybe he's been travelling some distance or not used to fending for himself and has become terribly thin and boney, sadly we are unable to keep him for more than a couple of days - can anyone help? I am not a soppy dog lover and have never accepted a stray before, but a humane mother - I could not turn away such a beautiful animal in such desperate need of food, water and affection, however sadly our landlady will not allow us to keep this dog so I must plead that someone offer him at least a temporary home by Monday night - please help! 

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BARC, the British Forces Animal Rehoming Centre is holding it's annual 'Christmas with the Animals' event on Sunday 27th November at the Epikopi Garrison. Free and fun for kids and parents alike. Please come along and help us feed and look after the animals in our care. For more information, see: http://cyprus-property-buyers.com/files/barc.jpg   Nigel (aka EPHMH)

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Please, advise any good cattery in Nicosia or Larnaca airport areas. Thank you.

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Hi 2 questions really.  Can anyone advise whether there is a reputable pet insurer in Cyprus or even one in the UK that covers EU countries? Can anyone recommend a safe dog walking area near Konia Paphos? Thanks Lee

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A pregnant moggie recently adopted us. She has since had three very pretty kittens, born on or about 20th August. Any takers to give them a good home? Grant

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