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Does anyone know where I can buy Diatomaceous Earth in Cyprus?

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I wondered if anyone knows who is trapping cats in Konia at the moment? I have adopted an already spayed cat, with ear cut, also wearing a collar with a sure flap disc on it.  She disappeared the other night, and returned last night in a lot of pain, someone had opened her up again, and left her full of infection!!!  She is currently at my brilliant vets in Konia but surely these idiots know she must belong to someone, am so so mad....

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Where can I get a copy of the NEW dog license law.What do I get for my money.Will I get a document to say my dog is licensed!

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Hello, does anyone know if there's any English bulldogs up for adoption?  Would really love one.

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i lost my dog 3/3/2017 at pareklishia area, was mini pincher brown 1 year very friendly if have any info please call at 99541073

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A couple of years ago, Jimmy the bargain hunter managed to source some styrofoam boxes as houses for stray cats. Are you still out there, Jimmy, and is there any chance you could find some for me, please?Thanks in advance, for any info

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I have nine tortoises that I may have to rehome. Does anyone know of a caring tortoise rescue group that may be able to help?

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hi ppl a lot of ppl knows me from the pets2adopt and they know my love for animals i have a huge garden available for the above animals. i do have 6 rescue dogs, 16 rescue cats, 2 rescue rabbits, 1 rescue tortoise of land, 1 rescue lobster, 1 fish have empty huge aquarium, a smaller 2 aquariums, bird cages and will we be build a huge bird cage cause i love their music. if you do have a land tortoise that is unwanted so mine will have company, fishes so my fish wont be lonely or any birds please message. i am NOT buying any pet once are so many unwanted. this is my ideal. stop buying once are so many animals in need thank you and hopefully i wish i get some replys back

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Hello, I am looking for dog sitter in Limassol in period of 13-17.1.2017. Dog sitter is for our baby Lulu which is belgium shepher dog. She is used to living indoor. She is very unassuming dog, just need walk 3x a day for toilet and bowl of dry food. we will bring her own pillow, food, bowl, blanket, toys etc.please email me on mariahhh.mb@gmail.com or call me on 96356466Maria

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Trying to find contact details foR Erimi Dog Rescue

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I'm Planning to fly my 2 ponies over to Cyprus from the UK in November along with 3 other horses. We have space in the pallets for either 1 horse or 2 small ponies if anyone is interested in bringing a horse or pony to Cyprus from the Uk. Please let me know if you are interested, my mobile number is 97686905, Thanks Sarah.

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Opportunity to Join the PAWS Events & Publicity TeamDo you have practicalideas for fundraising?Do you enjoy meetingpeople and working as part of a team towards a common goal?Are you good atplanning & organising?Do you have acreative streak and enjoy either writing or graphic design or both?If you can answer‘YES’ to any of these, we would like to hear from you. We need help to further promoteand publicise the Shelter and what we do.For more informationplease email: paws-capca@hotmail.co.ukPAWS Dog Shelter is operated by Cyprus Association for the Protection& Care of Animals (CAPCA) Registration No: 1721. 

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We are coming over to live in Paphos in August with our three cats and I don't see too many pet shops in Paphos. Are there any or many? My cats only eat Proplan and Felix food and I have found out from Purina (the manufacturer) that it is exported to Cyprus, but where could I get it? AnneB

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My neighbour found a little mini pinscher pup by a tree on the paraklessia( don't know if that's right spelling).  He is about 5-6 months old and had a very unusual chain collar with a lead attached.  I cannnot keep him as I'm moving but would love to know if anyone knows of someone who has lost their pup or would take him in.  He's definitely a house dog and sits when waiting for his food.  He is still in chewing stage but knows when he gets told off and he seems to understand English commands more than Greek.  I've taken him to the vets and no microchip.  Thanks for reading this

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Hi, I have recently brought my two cats over, both microchips with different UK based companies, is there a database for Cyprus where I can register their details? thanks :-) 

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Beautiful kittens are looking for beautiful family. Very tidy, playful 2 little girls are looking for a new home. An additional gift is guaranteed to a future family. Please contact 99231769, Limassol. 

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I was told today that small dogs are being taken to be used for bait in Dog Fighting.  A lady was walking her dog without a lead, when someone picked up the dog and threw it to a guy on a motorbike who then sped off with the dog.  Please be careful and keep your wits about you, especially ladies by themselves who will be more vulnerable.  

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Hi,We are soon getting our long-awaited male English Bulldog pup and was wondering if there are any other Bulldog owners in here that could enlighten me on how they cope with the weather conditions down here and other things that might be of interest.Also is there a Bulldog Club in Limassol or subs?Thanks

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