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Are there any dedicated dog beaches in Cyprus? Ideally near to Larnaca area. Grateful for an knowledge you may have on the subject. Thanks.

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HiDoes anyone know of any puppy training classes or trainers in Nicosia?

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Hi, I lost 2 forth months old dogs in Timi, Mandria area, one is black with dark blue collar and the other black with brown with yellow collar, lab mix, if u have seen them, call me please 99 079 088, thank you

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We have 3 dogs and are wondering if anyone can recommend a kennel in the Limassol area that we can board them with for a ten day stay

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I collect all types of aluminium, drinks cans (soft drink and beer) anything that is aluminium. Cooking foil (new or used)  window frames, flyscreen frames etc. I crush it and sell it. I use the money raised to catch, spay/neuter and return feral cats. We are in the Larnaca area but do have people in other towns who can collect them for us. I live in Pervolia. We have been doing this for almost 2 years now and have paid for in excess of 60 cats to be spayed/neutered. We also collect copper, most taps are copper. To test a metal to see if it is aluminium use a magnet. If the magnet sticks then the item is not aluminium. If the magnet doesnt stick then we can sell it. All our local bars/restaurants save their cans for me but we always need more people to save them for us. We use a vet in Larnaca who spays females for 50.00 euro and males for 40.00. They keep the cats in overnight to check their health, flea, tick, worm and give a 14 day slow release antibiotic. We have safe traps for totally feral cats, we collect them the following day and return them back to where we caught them. We also have a facebook page. Cans for cats larnacaPlease consider helping but saving your aluminium or by asking your local restaurants and bars to save their cans for us.Thank you.Lynn

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My wife and I have stumbled across a litter of kittens which we presume to be feral. Any advise on what we should do? It's out the back of our apartment block and we think we've identified the mother.

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Hi all My wife and I are relocating to Cyprus within the next few days - we had planned to relocate to the Coral Bay area three weeks ago but unfortunately this had to be delayed due to one of our Springer Spaniels requiring a second operation for a Aural Haematoma. Our vet is more than happy for our dog to fly, our dog has at present approx. 100-stitches in his ear. Our vet wants to leave the stitches in longer than is normally required to make sure there is adequate healing and has suggested that they be removed in Cyprus. Can anyone recommend a good vet in the Paphos area that we can access when we arrive? Thanks Adi.

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We anticipate moving out later this year  to  a house in peyia. We are both a bit early to retire and therefor would require some sort of  interest/ activity.  Hpaving recently lost our collie, we wondered what the take up rate would be on dog  holidays. Where by those returning  to colder climes for a week or so would be able to leave their loved one with us for a doggy vacation,,in exchange for a small euro fee? 

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Can anyone please tel me where i go in Limassol to register my dogs, it used to be near the new port

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Born on 12 March 2016. One female and 4 males.  Almost house trained. Nicosia, Tseri area.Contact:  Maria, mob. 99311064 or stalomichael@cytanet.com.cy

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One year old male LABRADOR is offered **for free to the right loving home**.   Please note he is only being offered for free because a home is required urgently. PUREBRED LABRADOR IS LOOKING THE SOONEST POSSIBLE FOR REHOMING FOR FREE. PLEASE CALL PETIO IN 99-715404 NOW

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thinking of going to cyprus for an extended period of time, but what is really putting me off is the widespread laying down of poison EVERYWHERE to kill dogs and cats ( and any unfortunate wildlife/birds as well ), and also the deliberate poisoning of pets in their owners gardens. the constant daily poisonings and cruelty to animals in general is a horrific stain on the reputation of cyprus worldwide, it really is beyond the pale, and cyprus needs to wake up and stamp out this barbarity, cos many potential tourists will not visit cyprus whilst the endemic widespread cruelty to animals continues. why dont people in the uk arrange demonstrations at uk airports to make potential visitors to cyprus aware that they are putting money into the coffers of rampant animal abusers, and also that the treasured pet dog that some take with them is at very real risk of dying a painfull death whilst innocently sniffing the ground in cyprus, this is what is stopping me going to cyprus, the fact that I CAN NOT TAKE MY BELOVED WELL BEHAVED SMALL PET DOG FOR WALKS IN CYPRUS, i would have to leave her in the flat 24/7 cos even a short walk around the block could kill her, and no more enjoyable evening strolls that i enjoy in the uk. MY PLEA TO BOARD MEMBERS HERE IS--- is their anywhere in cyprus that i can safely walk my well behaved and friendly small dog, on a leash i might add, without the very real risk of her coming across deadly poison, and dogs being dogs, she likes to sniff the ground or eat a tempting poison laced tidbit on the ground.i understand that even a muzzle will not protect her cos some of the poisons can kill a dog if merely sniffed or inhaled. i know 2 expats in cyprus with dogs, and they both have had their pooches poisoned, the damn stuff is laid down everywhere, towns/citys/parks/pavements/verges/car parks/thrown into private gardens/beaches/rural areas/footpaths/ad nauseum CYPRUS, wake up and smell the coffee, you lose out on much tourist revenue because of your irrational hatred of animals and especially your hatred of dogs. please, could someone tell me if i can safely take my dog on daily walks anywhere at all in cyprus, and if the turkish side of cyprus is better/worse for the laying down of poison everywhere ? what if i walk my dog on the roads at night when no cars are about, could i avoid poison this way ?, do the evil poisoners tend to put the stuff on roads ?,or if i am spotted doing this could there well be poison on the same roads in the future so as to kill my dog ? cheers

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Hi, I am moving full time to Paphos in June and bringing my two cats with me, does anyone know if the microchips they have in the UK are ok in Cyprus?  thanks Ange :-) 

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We're in desperate need of really good vet near Ypsonas in Limassol. We have tried 2 vets but both arent trustworthy (one is never there when i visit the other has 'killed' 2 of my dogs since, once there, he usually asks me to take them again next day, and by then they are dead if they have injuries of course, im talking mainly for stray dogs I found and took to this vet, I guess his treatement to home dogs is far faster than that to strays...) az

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Can anyone advise on a reasonable price for neutering a cat. I have been quoted 100 euros for female and 80 euros for male, but I haven't had a cat neutered in Cyprus before and have no idea if this is a decent price. Also, I took in 2 strays in a very poorly state. They are now healthy but 1 was pregnant. Her kittens are now 8 weeks old and I'm desperate to find homes for them, so that I can have her neutered as soon as poss. If you are able to offer a home to an adorable kitten please see my advert in 'pets for sale', ginger tabbys. They are of course FREE Many thanks Nikki

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Hi all. Do you guys know where we can find an husky or australian shepherd puppy to adopt? I did search a lot last night but i couldn't get any results. I prefer to adopt but if i cant find i want buy one. Thanks at advance!!!

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does anybody know any charitys that offer cheap cat stirilisations we have found a blind kitten took her in to  live with us i am unemployed and money is short thanks for any help regards kath

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yesterday i saw a dog that was on a mountain ledge stranded after 30 mins a so called hunter came for it he called it and then went away, thinking he would find a way of rescueing it, i went on my walk with my dog, and later a friend told me the dog wasnt there and was gone. This morning i was on the same wald and to my horror the dog was still on ledge and left to die. After going round village asking people nobody wanted to help but a guy who sings in the church arranged the fire brigade from Kofinou to come. 4  Guys appeared in a 4x4 and to cut it short they scaled the cliff and retrieved it and believe me it was high. and very slippery rock Tochni stone. Now i feel so happy i want to tell the Community

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Hi. I would start to breeding my chickens with use natural method,  free range poultry . For that job, some types of chickens need like SASSO, HUBBARD. Does any body know where can i find that chickens? 

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Hi, I have a 3 year old female pedigree Shih Tzu and would like to breed her. If anyone has a male pedigree and would be interested please contact me.    

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