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I have found a journalist willing to do an article on strays of Cyprus and how people have had enough saving them and keeping them in their homes because the shelters are so full, It seems the Government do nothing and individuals are getting into trouble like me being fined 900 euros cos the dogs dared to bark!Fed up seeing dead animals all over the place and abuse happening next door to you?Please contact Friday before 10am and after 2pm, and anytime Monday to talk with her or email her with your stories/feelings, how it affects your lives when you try to help so many strays both cats and dogs etc..Email or telephone a.karsera@cyprusweekly.com.cy Athina 22744412. PLEASE DO THIS FOR THE ANIMALS (dogs/cats even Donkeys. Thanks from my heart :).Please do not be afraid, use a different name if you wish, this IS very IMPORTANT to support me with this as the very people who have fought for years here NEED this support to continue as they are tired and need help to carry on. I have been sent to court since last year and have just won my second case against the Municipality.However my first case regarding the 900 euro fine will be for the appeal court to decide where I will hopefully take it to the EU courts.Thank you for your support and to Anglo Info for allowing me to put my story on here.

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Dear all Please take care I live in Potomas Germasogeia I took my beagle for a walk yesterday evening just behind the Woodman and somehow she managed to find something very small and tasty which she ate very quickly. I had no time to remove what ever she ate. She started showing signs of discomfort stretching her legs and diplayed signs of discomfort in her throat. When we got home I immediately noticed she was shaking and loosing strength in her legs.  I called out Vet Dr. Marinos he was SUPER. Thank you for treating our dog at 10pm. We collected her this morning.

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Hello, i save a dog from the street and i will like to take him to Slovenia and i need travelling box to take him. if you have a spare one which you dont use please contact me at 96 208360 Franci. Thank you!!  

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Dear all, last week I found in the middle of the road a kitten hit by a car, which I thought dead and tried to remove from the street. I realized that it was half alive and took it immediatelly to the vet. And by miracle, he survived. He is a 2 months old kitten, white with grey tail and ears. He is adorable, kind and sweet even in pain. Unfortunatelly the lower part of his front left leg is paralised. He will not have problems living a normal life, but he needs love and a permanent home. I am unable to offer him a home as I travel between Cyprus and Greece every week and I already take care of an abandoned dog that travels with me all the time. It is impossible to travel with two animals. I hope that someone from you would have spare love and a place for this little kitten.Please ask your friends and suggest any possible solution. I look forward for your replies. Anna

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Hi does anyone know if there is anywhere that takes stray cats. There are 5 kittens at our neighbours house. They don't live here and the kittens are not being fed. We can't afford to feed 5 kittens plus their mother as we have a cat of our own. We do give them a small amount of food to keep them alive. The kittens are about 4 months old. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Cyprus Paws Homeless Dog Sanctuary in Gioulou Village Paphos was decimated by fire in September and desperately needs help to rebuild fences,shelters etc,particularly with winter approaching.   (This was reported in a Cyprus Mail article on 28/10)   Anyone with any surplus materials - mesh panels,slabbing,wood,waterproofing etc, please contact Nieske on 96232855 or Kathryn on 97756107/99097177.   Even better if some tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts can help with the build.   This is a real DIY SOS on our own doorstep.   Please help if you can.

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Hi  Could anyone please foster a small kitten for two weeks I found her a few weeks ago sick and she has been living in my spare bedroom she is doing great now  but I have family coming over and I need the room I will buy all the food and litter and anything else you think she might need , or a cattery that might take her but she hasn't had any jabs so don't know if they would ,  it would be from this weekend I know it's short notice , but if you can help I would be so very grateful  Thank you 

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Just wondered if anyone might know of a suitable venue that could be used as a dog training and playgroup area for rent or maybe view to buy. Needs to be approximately 30 x 30 metres and preferably fenced.(although it doesn't have to be outside for training)  Initially thinking of a twice weekly group for 1 hour - more if demand demands it!Please contact Evey on 96 69 26 87Thank you

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I occasionally flick through the pets and animals section and the majority of times i see people either offering or wanting to home huskies. im not talking about pounds and sanctuaries who have rescued them just the people breeding and then ones looking for breeders. I just don't get it! If the husky has been abandoned and requires rehoming then ok but why breed them? Dont even get me started on the shocking cross breeding that happpens.Before any jumps on top of me and says that they are good working dogs, loyal, require minimal food for maximum work rate, adaptable and not to mention very good looking, yes they may be the afore mentioned and many other things BUT its just too hot for them and its very cruel especiallly if they have long hair.Yes i have a Siberian husky who is just shy of 2 years old, yes i got her out here from a sacnctuary BUT in a year and a half she will be going to the UK with me where she can relax and enjoy the WARM weather back in the UK and i do mean WARM in the UK as im sure many people do not realise that huskies are very good at what they were bred for in the first place but only @ tempratures of 15oc and BELOW.I know this is a bit of a rant but i would appreciate any comments other people have especially other husky owners as to maybe enlighten me further or just to tell me that i am wrong and dont know what im talking about.Cheers

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Hi everyone, We rescued a husky, who had broken leg that could not be fixed properly in Cyprus. We found him a home in Germany where his family will pay for the surgey and he will be able to run again. Normally dog like that would need crate 7 size, but because of the way the leg is he needs more space, as he can not lie down in a normal way. Anyone can donate or sell it for discounted price please? Needed on Monday at the latest!!

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Does anyone know if BFAWS at Dhekelia is still going. I have been trying to phone but no answer and the email address isn't accepted, they come back. many thanks.

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URGENT..Hi all is there any animal welfare or some where where I can report animal abuse .Some where that people will take serious actions.Thanks.please email me miccur28@yahoo.co.uk.This regards cats abuse in  house.thanks in advance

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hi all, driving this morning and ive rescued 2 lovely puppies which were dumped in the middle of nowhere, my problem is that im full of animals, and nobody wants them, are there any people that wants these boys or have got any ideas. many thanks Ron Read

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I have created this thread specifically for people to discuss Tortoise welfare. Hopefully we can educate people about these wonderful (to me) little creatures, that are not native to Cyprus.Most species of tortoise are on Appendix I & II of CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species), and it would be great if we could concentrate on welfare and perhaps establish breeding programmes?I have 32 tortoises, the majority have been captive bred (in my garden), some have been rescues, and some have been obtained via other breeders of captive tortoises. I will NEVER buy from pet shops unless they can prove that the tortoises are captive bred.I have Marginated tortoises, Spur Thighed tortoises and Hermanns (sadly not my favourite breed ...way too aggressive!)Please do not ask for tortoises on this thread, this is purely for information sharing and Welfare. If you would like to re-home a tortoise, I am sure one of us would be more than happy to offer assistance.Thanks, Patricia

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 I moved into Pentakomo village four weeks ago. The first week my cat was allowd out she came home with part of her tail cut off. She recovered from this and I thought maybe she had got caught in some farm machinary. Today my cat was killed with poison. Anyone walking their dogs should be vigilant and check your  yards every day and only walk with a leash. I wouldn't let my cat out again if I had the chance. Such a sad day for my family. I am trying to warn as many pet owners as possible. There are some really bad people around.

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Just a week ago I found this skinney little black & white chap with his dead mother at the side of the road. Originally I intended to take him to the sanctuary but they were full so I took him home. He has been "de-fleed", wormed, nails clipped and will have his first vaccination on Friday. This little man has not put a foot wrong, afer being shown, he uses his litter tray and has had no "accidents", he plays out in the garden and comes back after 5 minutes. He sleeps all night. All he wants to do is snuggle on your lap and play with his toy mouse and empty loo roll! I would love to keep him as I'm totally in love, but we are having work done on our house and have to stay somewhere next week and also have to go back to the UK for 6 weeks in November and think it's unfair to leave him when so young. I would love to find him a home with someone who will give him attention and love and lots of cuddles. If I cant find home for him I'll try to keep him but the best thing for him would be a loving home if at all possible. He comes with a small pet carrier in which he sleeps, bedding, kitten food, litter tray, toy mouse and loo roll!     

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I have a beautiful spayed grey cat . She is 6 yrs old, neutered, cross eyed (which is why she is called Clarence after the cross eyed lion ) and probably the most loving cat i have ever known. She just wants cuddles non stop. Unfortunately, for some reason she has turned against my other 8 cats. She is not allowing them to eat or come to me for cuddles and they are beginning to stay away from home and i am scared they will be poisoned. So i unfortunately have to rehome Clarence or have her put to sleep. She loves all people and is very good with children and fantastic with all dogs - I have 2 huge ones and she loves them. PLEASE could anyone take a very very loving and beautiful cat?? It will break my heart to have her put to sleep.

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Hi, I live in Limassol and I'm interested to get a chinchilla. Cyprus doesn't see very organized for such "exotic" animals and I would like to know if any has personal experience of owning such a pet , knows a reliable pet shop that can provide both a healthy animal and everything related to it (food, hay, woodchips, sand etc). Also is anyone has a family of chinchillas and is looking to give/sell one, I would be more than happy to 'adopt' it :) thanks in advance, Nicos

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I desperately need help. I am moving back to the UK in september and desperately want to take my beloved cat with me. But I can't afford the 740 Euro fees + expenses to transport him. Does anyone have any ideas? He's 8 years old and weighs over 10 kilos so has to go as cargo. Please help. I really don't know what to do.

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Hi  Im looking after a friends dog and im looking for somewhere safe to walk him around kofinou / skarinou area , I don't mind a short drive  Thanks  Ade 

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