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I am moving to the UK and i am having massive difficulties in finding a rental property that accepts any pets at all. I am already taking my Samoyed and this too is proving to be very difficult. They are both roughly the same age, 2 years old. Female and a male, they have both been operated and fully vaccinated. It absolutely breaks my heart to be letting them go, i need someone who will give the best home possible. I feel like a mother abandoning her chilldren but there is nothing i can do :(  Someone please help I also have a carrier, bowls and some cat food to give too. I just want my babies safe.   

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I'm looking for a 'dog-share' family ~ maybe an unconventional and unique situation I know.... so let me explain..... My circumstances are now such that I have a wonderful, loving and loyal dog....Marley, whom I love to bits.......but I have to find a solution to allow me to travel back to work in the UK for short periods of time - probably about 3-6 weeks at a time, several times a year.  These are not fixed dates at present, so hopefully could fit in with you.  Is there anyone out there that does not want the financial or full-time committment yet could offer a wonderful, loving 2nd home so that Marley feels 'at home' in either of his homes and has more special people in 'his extended family'.  I would be happy to maintain all financial responsibility for him. Marley is a beautiful, handsome 5yr old black long-haired (although clipped short in warm weather)  German Shepherd.  He has been trained to  a Gold Standard Level of Obedience, he has amazing re-call, perfect house manners (never sitting on furniture), he sleeps downstairs on his own bed, he never begs for food and he only barks to alert you of visitors.  He even waits for permission to eat his own food!  Marley loves going for walks and travels well in the car. Marley is a very loyal and protective dog and this makes him very anxious around other dogs........ so I walk him in places when he can be alone, relax and totally enyoy himself........He adores water, so the riverbed is his favourite walk with me. Marley just loves people and is very good with babies, children and adults alike.  He has grown up with a cat in the household and is not phased or anxious about livestock, he just prefers life without other unfamiliar dogs. I really hope there is someone out there who would like to share the joy the blessings that Marley has to offer! .........as I started, this may seem a little unconventional but......... please get in touch if you think this is something you could consider ~ I'd love to talk it through with you!!!  Thank you! Please contact me by my present email address in the first instance  - judegrainger@wanadoo.fr or by phone on 96 26 77 31  Please note there is a Classifed Ad with photo above in Discussions and in Animal Services  

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I live in the Larnaca area and need someone to look after my 2 dogs from 12 October to 17th.  If I can find someone fairly local, they would need to feed and walk the dogs in the morning and evening then put them to bed in the garage.  They are both rescue dogs and love company.

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Hi All   looking for a dog house sitter for our 8 year old cocker spaniel from the 27th Jan 16 through the 6th of Feb16. We are based in Coral Bay. looking for any recommendations Our usual Sitter is fully booked thanks scott Coral Bay

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We picked up a kitten from a dangerous environment, he's very used to humans since he first opened his eyes to one. He's grey with white paws/tummy and has dark grey/green eyes. Affectionae and very playful, will be fully vaccinated before being given away. Ask for photos if you're considering :). 

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My wife brought home a kitten which was roaming in the street. She took it to the Vets, to get injections, plus treatment for worms and fleas. We can't keep it being as we travel a lot. Are there any cat rescue centres which might take it? My wife is prepared to make a 200 Euro donation 

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Dear All, I am unable to catch the female cats for fixing. I tried many variants, the cats are clever. So, they brought me 6 kittens instead, which desperately need adoption. Unfortunately, usually kittens in our area are killed by male cats and I cannot prevent this sad fact as my garage is open. If you know anyone who could help me catch the cats for fixing, please let me know. And of course, kittens are looking for homes. They are cute, clean and just beautiful. Thank you for reading. Anna

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Anybody know some a good place for dog walking in Paphos area? Or a beach where dogs allowed?

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Hello  Can anyone recommend a reliable pet/house sitter to look after our pets while we are on holiday.  We are in Kouklia, Paphos Thanks

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Hi there Does anybody know someone who dog sits at there home or pet hotel. I will be away for 4 days in August and i need someone to look after my very friendly Schnauzer called Rossi.  Im based in the Limassol area so surrounding areas are fine too.   I hope there is someone out there that can help me.

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Hi all, We were thinking of doing a day trip to the turkish side with our terrier. He has an up to date passport and is fully vaccinated. Has anyone done this and do you forsee any issues arising? I would hate to be in a situation where we couldn't bring him back over to the greek side! Thanks in advance!

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I am a British-qualified vet nurse living & working in Cyprus & I am trying to contact as many people as possible who are working with animals in this country. Primarily I am interested in connecting with qualified or experienced vet nurses who are working here in order to gauge the overall standard of care, expertise & professionalism encountered in Veterinary clinics. I am also keen to discuss any issues or problems faced by our profession in general, as well as your thoughts on animal welfareHowever I am also happy to hear from anyone working with animals here with regards to their opinion on standards of veterinary care & animal welfare issuesComplete discretion assured, you can contact me via the email link here, or find me on Facebook as 'Cyprus Vetnurse'Thankyou

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Hi does anyone know of a cattery in Larnaca area and how much they cost per day?

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  Hi, I am looking for someone to look after our small dog for 2 weeks in August in the Paphos area. Ideally it would be in the sitters own home. Dog is 1 and 1/2 years old. She is used to being out in the garden during the day so would prefer someone who could provide the same. If you can help or know someone who can please call me on 97609277.

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Does anyone know of any puppy training classes or trainers in Limassol?

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a couple of days ago I found a kitten that was about to be attacked by a dog. The vet said he is between 15-20 days  old and needs care which I can't provide due to work and schedule issues. He is a cute black and white kitten, had flea and deworming treatments, only issue the vet found was a lower temperature due to lack of contact..which is why I really need to find him a new home urgently!  Any suggestions regarding cat shelters are welcome. I tried calling up a few sanctuaries but they were full. 

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Hi there all, I run a dog grooming business from home but don't know where to get my blades sharpened. Has anyone found a good blade sharpening service on the island or are you sending yours back to the UK? If so can I have those details please? Thanks :)

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I have this morning found a box with six puppies in a deserted field where i walk my four dogs, I have been back to feed and water them, i cannot take them home with me as i have 4 dogs already. Is there anyone who can offer a home for them? Please help. Tel 99797763 Jenny.

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A DOG owner has reported to police that her dog was killed after eating pasta laced with poison which was left at a children’s play area in Achelia village in Paphos. The British permanent resident said that the incident had been reported to Paphos police and alleges that a package containing poison was spotted at a neighbouring establishment. She said she is concerned for the safety of children playing in the area. This play area is next to the Akis Taverna Tuesday 09 June 2015     http://cyprus-mail.com/2015/06/09/dog-poisoned-at-kids-play-area/

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Hi, would anyone know if i can gat whiskas( loaf )anywhere,they seemed to have changed it to supameat,and my cats wont touch it,not the same dont like it,dont want it they said!!.

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