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Pound dogs for adoption Limassol Cyprus, --we are having a Table Top Sale at the Flea Market this come along and get some bargains. Free buses from Limassol to the Flea Market.

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Can anyone tell me why there seems to be so many brown spiders everywhere. Is there any handy hint to get rid of them!

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Does anyone know if BARF dog food (Bones and Raw Food Diet) is sold in Cyprus anywhere plse? Thanks Chris

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Hi I have a few years experience in riding horses and have spare time I can only do Episkopi or Akrotiri areas.  

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can anyone advise re pet insurance ? Can add our new puppy to our house insurance but wonder if there is another option ?  

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We.are.not."Twitchers".but.we.have.just.been.treated.to.the.most.colourful.display.of birds.that.we.have.ever.seen..........At.around.6.45pm.a.stunning.bird.with.yellow.black/white. and.pale.blue.plummage.settled.on.the.power.lines.beside.our.house.in.upper.Peyia........It was.quickly.joined.by.around.six.more-and.they.all.started.to.hunt.for.insects.and.returning to.their.perch............An.amazing.and.colourful.sight........We.have.identified.them.online.as. European.Bee.Eaters............anyone.else.witness.this?

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Could anyone reccommed a good dog boarding kennels near Polis Paphos. Thank you

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Many of the British run animal rescue centres here in Cyprus are desperate for help, they are picking up so many half starved, beaten and brutalized dogs, its taking all there reserves to take care of them. They need bedding, food,  newspaper towels and of course funds to treat these poor tortured dogs. One of which was near death, his spine came through his skin, and some person has stubbed cigarettes out his back.  This is the brutality that these angels are coping with. Cyprus Dog Rescue, Peyia Animal Sanctuary are just 2 of the many struggling to save these dogs.  If you have time or any of the above, please help them.  Thank you

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Anybody know the breeders or owners of German Pinscher, please let me khow. Don't  confuse with Mini Pinscher. Thank you.

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Hi I have been finding small white scorpions about 2 inches long in my pool. I live in Lania up the troodos mountains. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they can give me any information about them i.e. are they dangerous to humans and pets? Karen

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Hi having difficulty in finding a large airline approved dog crate to accomodate our black lab. To buy or hire. Can any one help. 

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Hello, I was wondering if anybody had come across the nasty little bug in Cyprus. Apparently they are in Spain and most hot med countries. I wondered if they were something to worry about regarding dogs. Apparently a two dogs staying on a camp site in Spain came into contact with these caterpillars and one lost half of its tongue due to licking and snapping at them (It later rotted off )whilst the other dog ingested them and died soon after. Does know anything about this caterpillars presence in Cyprus please. Suzi

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Just saw two dogs wandering about. An Irish wolfhound by the looks of it and probably a small brown pekinese/chow chow. They were walking together so i'm guessing they're from the same house. I unfortunately couldn't get close to them to see any tags. They had collars and at least one of them had a bell. They looked fine and clean so if they are lost it hasn't been a long time.   I hope they are found soon..this area is getting too many lost souls.

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Hi  Would anyone be willing to let me borrow a cat box please ,  I am trying to get some stray cats spayed  I live in Skarinou larnaca but will be driving to paphos with them so I would like to try and take two at a time or if I'm lucky catching them three .  Thank you  Ade 

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Hello, My dog has been lost last Saturday (14/02/2015) in the afternoon, in the Petrou kai Pavlou/Naafi area in Limassol. She was scared and agitated due to the heavy rainfall.Name: VanaGender: Female (neutered)Age: 5Colour: brown/gold with white in the frontBreed: german shepherd/collie mixSize: Medium/large (25 kg)Microchip number: 900182000228495Area: Petrou kai Pavlou/NaafiDate lost: 14/02/2014She is wearing a red collar.Whoever finds her will be awarded 100 euros.I can also be contacted at 99560716, 99656896Thank you

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  Jo Pitsillidou shared Donna Kyriacou's post. 5 hrs·   <input id="u_jsonp_4_1g" type="hidden" name="privacyx" value="300645083384735" /></div>     Donna Kyriacou added 2 new photos. 2,000 EURO REWARD OFFERED FOR THESE TWO DOGS SAFE AND WELL RETURN.. *URGENT* Missing from Cavo Greco Area-Ayia Napa whilst out on a walk...."BENDA' (7yrs old) &... 4yrs old 'LILY' Mother and daughter Drathaar /Brown and White in colouring. We are distraught and need to know or hear about any sightings of either of them,everyone has been out searching for them since the second they disappeared to no avail...Anyone who has seen them please ring 99662571 or 99627035 at anytime of day or night..Both girls are tattooed,microchipped,and spayed..WE WANT THEM HOME SAFE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE...This is very VERY URGENT..please let us know if you know anything at all about their whereabouts...

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Hi Does anyone know where the lady vet in kofinou has her clinic please ,and phone number if possible  Many thanks  Ade 

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I hope someone can help as I don't know what I can do  Afew month ago a cat turned up at my house not a strey he had a coller  on and had been very well taken care of I asked around the village and no one was missing a cat I did try to rehome him with no luck , a few weeks later the same thing happened this time two kittens as before I asked around and with no luck and couldn't find homes for them , Befor Christmas another two cats turned up one i think is pregnant and the other long haired black and white is beautiful they are all very very tame and are desperate to get in the house so I think they at one time have all been house cats all five , I don't know what to do I can not keep these cats as much as I like cats it's just crazy I can't even go out the door without them trying to get in . Does anyone know of a sanctuary that might help I don't wont to have to get them put to sleep but I can not cope with this Situation anymore it's getting me down to say the least .   

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Hi, does anyone have a contact number or address for Pat and Laurie Butt, formerly of Erimi? their cat has been found and we would like to return it to them. thanks Mick

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Hello, Could anyone help with advice on how to keep tortoises in Cyprus as we have just rescued one and urgently need advice as at present the tortoise is in hibernation. Please call me on 96846657 any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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