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I am getting calls at the moment regards bats. These wonderful creatures are most active in the summer months, as most of them hibernate in winter, although not always. The Khuls Pipesterelle is a very small bat, and common to Cyprus, about 2 21/2 inches from nose to tail. If you find a bat try not to touch it with your hands. Your smell may affect its reintergration into the colony. If it is healthy collect it in a towel and hang it somewhere cool and quiet, preferably not in the open air as cats or other animals may kill it. They need to hang upside down and can only be upright for small amounts of time. If you can dip a cotton bud in water and let the bat drink, they will suck the water from the cotton bud. Leave the bat somewhere quiet until it starts to get dark. Hang the towel with the bat somewhere high so it can fly away. Always release the bat near where it was found. Bats will not fly into your hair and contrary to myth do not drink human blood, the bats in Cyprus do not carry any diseases. They eat small flying insects mainly mosquitoes. 1 bat can eat up to 2,000 mosquitoes per night. They feed between dusk and dawn and cannot take off from the ground. If the bat is unhealthy or injured it is more difficult to deal with. I am quite happy for people to drop the bat off at my house and I will try to make sure it is healthy. I will ring you back when it is healthy and you can take it back and release it near where you found it. Bats are protected creatures in Cyprus. My telephone number is 97692293 and I live in Pervolia, Larnaca. Lynn West

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A young German shepherd dog was stolen on December 16th from a garden on Chloraka, along with a boot load of car parts! His owner is recovering from an operation. Please look out for any newly acquired animals on your vicinity Answering this description. He has distinguishing marks and a floppy ear. I have a photo posted on Facebook. Pauline Quest Sarker . If you see him or know of his whereabouts please call me. My number is 99316255

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That's the question. Are there any free or discounted spay programs available?There's a female cat coming in my garden and my pets don't chase her away, which is okay--  but I don't want her having kittens.  There are already too many strays in the area. Thanks for any information.

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Hi a vood 6 weeks ago I asked about getting our black lab from Paphos to Greece Kindly a lady contacted me from Limmesol. Unfortunately I have lost her details I think her name was Katy/ Kerry ? Can anyone help. She organises the the crate delivery and boards fir a few days.  Much appreciated  Suzi Soane

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Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post. Recently i faced a real heartbreaking incident here at Tomb of the kings, Paphos. I had a 8 month Labrador-Golden retreiver dog. On 23rd December around 5:00pm i was out with my dog for a walk and this is when she was hit by a Audi SUV, i guess it was Q5 or Q7 with number ending 209. My fault was that the dog was not on leash however the dog was just 1 step down from footpath. Im sure the driver was either talking on phone or rolling a cigarette as his eyes were not on street and so he couldnt notice such a big dog. The careless driver also proved he is heartless when he didnt even bother to get down from the car and help me. It is ok for him to leave a woman with injured dog on the street and run away. I somehow managed with my friend to rush to Paphiakos clinic. The doctor told me to leave the dog with them for surgery and advice me to go home. After about 3hours, i was informed on phone by Paphiakos clinic that my dog suffered severe internal bleeding and she is no more with us. The next day morning when i visited the clinic, i was told that initially the dog was recovering well but later she gave up and took her last breathe. The doctor also adviced me that there is no point in wasting my energy trying to trace the careless driver.                               The least i was expecting was the driver to get down from his car and drive the injured dog to nearby clinic, which he didnt do. And then i was told by paphiakos doctor to not waste my energy trying to trace the car and driver as nothing could be done to him.                                If anyone has any advice or suggestions, please reply to me. Thanks

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If you want to report animal neglect/cruelty etc here in Cyprus: Contact Veterinary Services ASAP and make a complaint. Telephones: 22 805215 Veterinary Public Health Division 22 805249 Animal Health and Welfare Division 22 805241 Nicosia District Veterinary Office 24 821275 Larnaca District Veterinary Office 24 824555 Ammochostos District Veterinary Office 25 819512 Limasol District Veterinary Office 26 821261 Paphos District Veterinary Office 22 805216 Registry http://www.moa.gov.cy/moa/vs/vs.nsf/index_en/index_en?OpenDocument

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This little dog is lost and wandering on a very busy raod - Archbishop Makarius Ave in Chloraka.  He is mainly at the car wash and next to a shop called UK Bed Linen.    Just past Jim Peck's butchers. This is the third day he has been here.  He is friendly.   Pathiakas are full and also Yeriskipou - is there anyone who could take him I have a picture of him/her  

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hi lost dog in zygi brown in colour has only 3 legs very timid and his name is marley please ring 99185793

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Honey is the little abandoned dog with the leg problem that arrived on our doorstep last weekend.She is currently being fostered by a family locally but cannot stay there forever. She has a condition called Patella Luxation, the severity of which is classed as Grade 4, the most severe.To correct it she needs surgery which will cost €1,200. Without it she may well lose the leg and is unlikely to be rehomed as it is now.She is a gorgeous little girl, very docile and affectionate.A fundraising page has been set up to try and raise funds to pay for the operation. If anyone would like to help, please visit http://www.petcaring.com/pet-medical-expenses/abandoned-dog-needs-your-help-to-save-her-leg-with-surgery-/43301

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does anyone know the number of BA cargo in Larnaka. I have 3 different numbers and none of them is correct.1 one is Air France , and the other 2 doesn't exist. Am trying to find out but I can't.And any info abt Monarch. I went to Larnaka airport to ask abt how is gona be if i travel with my dog, and how much is gona be the ticket and they gave me number to call and ask but in UK . Not here. Which is strange - they don't have number here....

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Someone has traveled by airplane with dog? I need informations urgent. I would like to bring a dog from Budapest to Larnaca. The dog is 4 month old and maybe 15-20 kg. I already have all papers just I don't know how can I organise with the airlines.

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We have 2 small dogs and a cat that we are looking to insure, as we did in the UK. I understand that its really difficult to get pet insurance here, is this true? Someone said to me that its because vets costs are much lower. What are the typical costs, does anyone know? Penny, our Golden Retriever is getting on a bit now and has gone through the mill a bit. She has had broken a paw and all sorts of illnesses over the years so I wondered how much different it was comparing the Uk to Cyprus. Thanks

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Lost cat in Limassol, Scottish Fold, Tabby, Female. Named Nona. Please contact 99 190 591. REWARDS.

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A gorgeous little lady appeared on our doorstep yesterday. She is about 6 months old and a has a lovely temperament. Very docile and loves hugs. Seems to be house trained. You can see photos of her in my post in the animal rehoming section of AngloInfo calssifieds. She has a problem with one of her hind legs. She has been checked by a vet and has been de-flead and wormed. She is not micro-chipped. The vet says her leg may be a birth defect or an historic injury but it doesn't bother her and she is not in pain. She can also run as well as any other dog! We already have a dog who is very territorial so we can't keep her and desperately need someone to look after her, ideally permanently, or at least until there is space in one of the shelters. If you can help, please contact me on 97630217. We are located in Tala, Paphos, near the monastery.

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I found a small ginger and white dog last night wondering around our complex around the Tomb of the Kings area. Took to Paphiakos and Paws but they have no room. "They said she is probably between 1.5 - 2 years of age and may have a dislacation on one leg which will need an x ray to find out for sure although she is in no pain. (the vets near the general hospital did a x-ray for 30euros before) I already have a dog and so cannot keep her for long. if anyone would like to have a new member for the family please ring 99476512 or 99094478.  Urgently need to find a new home for her so please give us a ring (dont post back on this as i will not see it all day)  if you know of anyone that would like her.

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Can anyone recommend a way I can transport my dog back to the UK preferably on my flight in FEBUARY ? Airlines that deal with "Pet Transportation"? How I can get a container for him? How I set about the process and approximate cost? ALL HIS VET DOCUMENTATION AND PASSPORT IS UP TO DATE...Regards  PC 49 

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May be moving to Cyprus in the next few months but worried about dog poisoning. How prevalent is it and what are the worst areas?

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Please can I have advise on the best vet for dogs in Limassol area also any one have any recommendations on boarding kennels for my dogs ? Many thanks

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Please come join us for a fun evening on Saturday 15th November from 7.30pm to share an evening of good company at Tycoon Bar in the Germasogeia Tourist area in Limassol. We will have our collection boxes available for any dried or tinned dog food, blankets, toys or treats!  Any cash donations will also be very welcome to help with our food and vet bills over the coming winter months. Your support for this event is very much needed and greatly appreciated by the Happy Hounds team and our doggie guests too!  Hope to see you all there!

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