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Hi does anyone know of anyone  & can recommend them that takes dogs into their own home, to take care of them whilst the owners are away on holiday?  

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Can anyone tell me if there is a Siamese breeder on the island? I've searched everywhere and have found the Ylatis Cattery but there are no contact details at all :( Thank you!

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Hi Everyone, My partner and I are moving to Cyprus at the end of November and have recently started trying to arrange our flight details. Now we are also bringing our 9-year-old dog who is a large mix breed. He weighs about 40kg. We have a company in the UK who are making him a bespoke create as the normal ones you can buy do not fit him! So the create will also weigh about 40-50kg... So all together he is pretty heavy cargo! The problem that we are facing is that we can not find an airline to fly him.. BA have said that they are not flying pets to Cyprus during the winter months, a lot of the other airlines have said they can not take a dog of his size and weight.. We have also gone through a special 'pet travel agent', but still no luck as of yet. Then I read about Cyprus air and that they fly pets, I gave them a call and they do not fly pets from the UK to Cyprus but do fly pets from Amsterdam to Cyprus.. Which is a possibility for us.. The lady that I spoke to said that it didn’t matter about his weight and said that it would cost about 160euros.. When BA had quoted me (not for winter months) to fly my dog it was around 1600pounds! (That price was just to fly my dog, no ticket for me) Why is there such a difference?!  The lady at Cyprus Air said that they wound need to make sure that he was put on a plane with ventilation and I couldn’t book the flight until a week or 2 before I was due to leave, but the way she spoke made me a little uneasy with the safety and welfare of my dog.. I have looked at driving, but from Greece there are no ferries that allow pets on to Cyprus.. Why is it so difficult?!  Have any of you flown your pets with Cyprus air? How have you all got your dogs to Cyprus?..   Thank you all!!

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Hi, i want to breed my 3 years old british shorthair/scotish straight female cat, sealpoint color. Does anyone knows or has a male cat the same, available for breeding?  I will be very grateful for any replies. thanks

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Hello, I'm looking for a male chihuahua to breed with my female miniature pincher. Her colour is black and she is 2 years old.   Thank you.

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Does anyone know if the Bases animal shelter BARC is still in existance and if so could you let me know phone number/e-mail address if possible

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hi i m looking for a havenese bitch . does anyone know any breeders or puppies in cyprus. thanks

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Poisonings around the Moni, Monagroulli, Pyrgos and Pareklissa villages Meeting  Friday 3rd October at 12 noon - the Media and the Animal Party Cyprus (APC) will all be gathering at the Pyrgos Council Office for discussions with all the Muhtars of the surrounding villages. The extensive barbaric poisoning in all these villages has to be stopped and sorted once and for all. Please BE THERE WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Contact Susan Butcher 25821668 butchersue@yahoo.co.uk  with ALL previous cases of poison with your pets, she needs these urgently for the meeting, to show that our pets are precious. Please make a banner with the name of your village on it and be at the Pyrgos Community Board office at 11 30am. Sue cannot support all the villages by herself, so we have to make people aware that it is going on all over Cyprus. This is a peaceful protest and it is no way political. Let’s get this stopped before a child dies. Please don’t sit back moaning that nothing is being done, now is the chance for all of us to do something positive to make changes. Please join us to help show our strength and determination to save our precious pets from harm. Having lost my own dog Sandy to poison in February I know firsthand how devastating this is and we really must try our best for them. Thank you for your support, any questions please call Sue or myself. Emma Richards 96509876

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I am currently living in England and run a dog day care business, but my Husband and I are hoping to move to Cyprus in the next 12 months.  Can anyone tell me if there is a requirement for doggy day care in Cyprus as I would like to carry on with this type of work. Thank you for any help and advice anyone can offer, all help is very gratefully received. Thanks again, Clare.

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Help us celebrate World Animal Day with a big fund raising Music Concert - Sunday 28th September at the Kanika Enaerios Parking area on Limassol seafront -from 6pm - 11pm with over 40 musical artists appearing to entertain you all! All donations and funds raised at the event will be distributed to the animal rescue shelters in Cyprus in desperate need ofyour support. Please come and join the fun to help make a difference to the many homeless cats and dogs waiting for their chance in life. A big thank you to you all.   

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I have a male Bichon Havanese with Champion Pedigree and I am looking for a female to breed. If you need more information let me know.

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My friends from Anarita have lost a beautiful male kitten. He is 14 weeks old, very pretty for a boy, ginger & white with a shamrock on his side & a kink at the end of his tail. He is very friendly and adventurous so has probably wondered off, made new friends & doesn't know how to get home. Very much missed by mum, dad and brother

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A very friendly ginger kitten has been found in the St Georges area. No collar but obviously well fed and likes being cuddled. It's around 4 - 6 months old - incredibly tame! Definitely has/had an owner  Please get in touch if you have lost a kitten or would like to re home a very friendly (and beautiful) one.  

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There is a group on Facebook who would like you to join them if you live in any of the above Limassol areas and have had your pet poisoned, or if you have any information about poisonings in these areas. Action by animal owners is now escalating. Poisonings in these areas, especially in Pyrgos, have become prolific. Please get in touch with them a.s.a.p. if you have any information, or if you just want to support them. They promise that any information you give will be used without your name being mentioned. Click here to join the Facebook Group If you do not have Facebook, but would like to be involved or volunteer information, you can send a message to me which I will pass on, and someone from the group will contact you.

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We have a lovely 3 month old kitten and we would very much like to take it back to the UK, however on quering cost with BA airline they suggested a cost of £700 for travelling.   can anyone give us more information or advice as to what is the most cost saving way of getting our kitten back to the UK..   we are aware of some jabs he may have to have but speaking to various vets on the phone every answer was different.   If anyone that can help it will be very much appreciated...

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Hi all Does anyone know where preferably in Paphos I can buy this line of shampoo for my dog? They do a shampoo and conditioner.

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Hello everyone! Do anyone know where to find an English Bulldog?

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Tsierkezou Beach in Limassol has been named as the official beach where dog owners can take their dogs to for running and swimming in the sea. Great, but does anyone know where it is exactly? I cannot find it on Google Maps.

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can anyone tell me about the ranch boarding kennels in limassol. thanks  

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Due to moving to London in a month for University I have to say goodbye to my 2 best friends. These 2 cats - Linx (tabby cat) and Bagheera (black and patchy) - are nearly 2 years old (sisters) and I raised them since birth. They are house-trained and very affectionate.  I want Linx and Bagheera to go to an affectionate, loving home together. They have a cat house to go with them and I will pay for food monthly if money is an issue. They have also been neutered and recently wormed. Please contact me if anyone is interest and share this. I really wish I could take them with me

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