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Hi everyone,can someone give me advice as to where I can watch the Rugby World Cup here in Cyprus?I don't mind paying for a subscription if needed.Thanks.

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Liverpool FC supporters club Paphos branch Cyprus. Establised in August 2007 We now have a large ex-pats and local fan base. You can watch all the Liverpool football games live on top of the range big LCD screens at Mike's Black Velvet pub the home of the liverpool supporters club Paphos branch, located on the Tombs of the Kings road Kato Paphos, Tel (00357) 99447312 Email for more information.

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Hi, I am looking to play Squash in Paphos is there any clubs or leagues that I may be able to join. Mid Level.Thanks George

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Hello, maybe anyone here lives in Limassol and would like to play tennis? I'm looking after a young puppy and my boyfriend is struggling to find a partner. He's 37, playing at a beginner level. He would pay for courts, and we have 2 rackets, balls. We have a car and could pick you up! We got into tennis few months ago and its a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time.We are staying next to Poseidonia Hotel.My fb is Sam Griemail:  s_amantule@yahoo.com Thanks!

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HiCan anyone recommend any walks in the area north-west of Limassol through deciduous (rather than coniferous) woodland, which show off Autumn colours to their best effect? Preferably not too far (max. 5 miles) and not too difficult or muddy. Just long enough to walk off a Sunday lunch.Many thanks in advance.

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Hi for those who is intersted. I am looking for a partner for water ski or other water sport facilities. I am in Limassol. Please write to me to my fb: Natalia Porter. Thank you  

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Hello, welcome. Im looking for Latin dance school in Limassol for my 6 y old daughter. Could you please advise? Does anyone have any experience with a school? 

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Hello!Me and my friend are interesting about sailing, but we never did this before. Maybe somebody knows there we can try this sport maybe if I try I will understand is not for me or maybe I will find new hobby. Will be perfect around Paphos.Thank you!

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Are there any MG owners out there if so do you all fancy starting a club night or maybe say a run out at the weekend wish I could meet up with people with the same interests. I think us MG owners are a rare breed here in Cyprus if you fancy it leave us a message and I will get back to you many thanks a very happy MG TF owner.

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Hello Everyone just trying to play badminton in Limassol, but this seems to be a difficult task. Has anyone an idea where to do this? Any club or indoor court here?The posts here are like 8 years ago. Thanks in advance

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Good News for Badminton Lovers our Club have 4 excellent badminton courtswhich are one of the finest in Island. With our world-class floor courts under 35-foothigh ceilings and two large viewing galleries.  The club’s mission is to provide finest platform for badminton lovers.The development of the sport of badminton both within the region and the province, by making the sport accessibleto all members of the community and to all levels of players.plz Visit http://www.cyprusbadminton.club/

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Hi,Anyone knows if there are any Aikido classes in Nicosia. I found one in the outskirts (Kokkinotrimithia) but would prefer one closer to the center.Thanks!

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Hey all, a happy new year to you! :)We are both keen to try learn piano and see if we like it at all. My wife is more musically adept than me, but I have always liked the idea of learning an instrument. Do you know of anyone in the Limassol area that is really good and patient with teaching?I am based in Agios Athanasios area specifically but willing to travel.Thanks!

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hello, I am a volleyball player, and i need a help to find a team in  Cyprus is anyone who  can help me to find a team???

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Hey all,Can anyone tell me if it's legal to just pitch a tent and camp where you like on public ground, or do you have to go to a designated camp site?

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Looking for a seller of rash guards (children's sizes) please, in Larnaca.

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Does anyone know an English speaking dive school in and around the Peyia area?

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Hi allI am looking for a tennis partner in Limassol to play one or two times per week. I am at the improver level but attend regular lessons therefore my progress is pretty swift. Would love to get some extra practice in and have a few laughs in the process, if you are interested then get in touch.

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Hi allI have all my fishing gear with me, staying until end of Aug, if there is anyone with the same passion for fishing - let me know, thanks!

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