Adult Swimming Lesson - Limassol

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wanted for my 38 yr old husband - can anyone help? thanks

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CYCHICKY 1330279691

If you are in Limassol the Albatross pool off the seafront in Neapolis is great,my son learnt to swim there,The instructor is really good.Sorry don;t have a contact number for them.,but i know he does do adult lessons.There is a pool also in Kato Polemidia,just off the highway.Trittis pool.

[email protected] 1330285105

thank you - i will look into it.

karasavvas 1330338527

If I remember correctly you were after some specialist swim instructor. Can you please remind me again?

jehad darawsha 1330340469

i will look for

[email protected] 1330365952

yeah that's right. my husband has a fragile back due to slipped disc so it would have to be someone who is familiar with this sort of thing in order not to strain the back further.

julian90 1372714192

Hello I am Julian, I am 22 years old and I want to learn to swim, if someone can give me a phone number of an instructor I would be grateful

karasavvas 1375525724

Hi julian

qhere are yolove cared, what is your swimming a biliary at the moment and what is your target? Have you got access to a swimming pool? 

karasavvas 1375525926

My apologies for all those mistypings. 


Where are you located ? What iyou our swimming ability at the moment? What is your target? Have you got access to a swimming pool? 

julian90 1375537940

I have not acces to any pool, and my swim skills are zero , i live near Starbucks and Apollinia Hotel, Thank you :D !

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