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Hi. Can anyone out there fill me in on what is required when I take my boat theory and driving test to get my licence? I have the RYA one but I understand that this is not really recongnised in Cyprus. If someone has already done it, do I just refresh myself using my RYA handbook? jojo

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I assume you are referring to the RYA powerboat level 2?

Theoretically you are supposed to pay the princely sum of 80cyp for the Cypriot version, which means taking another written and practical test, I have no idea what that involves. However the Marine Police have been obtaining the RYA level 2 to conform with EU regs???

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Time for a gin and tonic I think.


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Well, did Boat Licence, passed without getting feet wet! If anyone else has taken it they will know what I mean.



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Well you got it????????

After ramming my boat at full throttle!! I dunno...


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hi Jojo

Call Bob harvey on 96452601 if you have any questions regarding the licencing or if you want to do the RYA level 2. He is the Chief Instructor with Dive-In Powerboat Training Centre in Limassol.



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Hi Jojo

i have run an rya powerboat training school on the island for four years and until ten days ago have never had a problme with the level 2 or icc, for some tipical cypriot reason they now say that they do not recognise the level 2 but will not make a decision on the icc, i can understand this being frustrating for you but may be my livelyhood. we are currently in discussion with the departmen of shipping to try and thrash out a way that anyone with an rya licence can just do a paperwork exercise to gain the thing they issue, i have had individuals who have done the cypriot licence and it is not worth the paper it is written on, at least with the level two you have been taught the correct way to drive a boat safely and within the law, fingers crossed, i would be interested to hear from the guy who mentioned the marine police taking this licence

safe boating

Bob skipper


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The Cyprus Boat Licence for Sport (Power) Boats is a definite requirement.

I have an Unlimited UK Master Mariner Licence, OPITO (UK) Fast Rescue Boat Licence and the RYA Powerboat Level 2. I did not have the Cyrpus Boat Licence when I was stopped by the Marine Police. The court case is due shortly!

Despite the fact that due to my professional marine qualifications I am exempt from any examination I still had to pay for the particular piece of plastic. It's not worth the trouble or the money other than to satisfy local laws. Despite Cyprus being an EU member state they do not recognise RYA despite the Greek translation on the back.

One colleague whose professional licence had expired and was therefore invalid also recieved the same exemption - it's just a money generating exercise.

Beware of Boat Sellers who tell you that the Cyprus Licence is not necessary!

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Hi All,

I tried a search of the forum but couldn’t find what I was looking for.  Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can get hold of the material needed to pass the operators license theory exam?  I already have RYA level 2 and the handbook but understand refreshing this alone will not be sufficient to pass as there are local regulations you need to be familiar with.


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