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Hi, Can anyone recommend a place to store a speedboat in the winter months that does all the preparation necessary? Also, can you recommend a servicing/repair shop for boats in the Limassol area. Much obliged, Tina  

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Russell-660157 1148837103


Have a walk round St. Raphael marina and talk to a few people there as there are a few people that look after and service boats. There is also a place that I can't remember the name of that is on the left hand side near the Holiday Inn, as you are going into Limassol. (You can't miss it as its a big wooden shed with lots of boats outside, right on the sea front!)

Larnaca marina is also home to a lot of boat maintenance/repair businesses.




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Thanks for the advice Russell. We are not over there yet, we are coming in September and may be staying in an apartment at first but wanted to bring our boat with us to save shipping it later. I had read on this site that it is hard to find a mooring place in the marina so I am looking for alternatives for the winter months. Does anyone know the name of the place Russell mentioned and maybe an email address or phone number?

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I know this firm well and recommend them. They are Kakos Torque marine and the brothers are George and Nico.

They don't have email but the phone number is 25311532.

I'm taking my boat there and one of the ski club boats there in the next couple of days. What better recommendation do you need.


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