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Bertie Mac



Hey all,Can anyone tell me if it's legal to just pitch a tent and camp where you like on public ground, or do you have to go to a designated camp site?

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Expat11 1476432789

G'day mate,

not recommended to pitch your tent anywhere you like as it may be considered trespassing and even worst, area may be an hunting field and you do not want to find yourself in a cross fire!:)

Unfortunately not many places around but in my knowledge, I can tell you Governors Beach a proper camp site with all kitchen & WC facilities etc, and quite a nice sandy beach down below... Also, there is one around Coral Bay [almost in the town but a bit hidden though, you need to ask] with facilities and the rest... My favourite one however is in Paphos... If you follow the cost line towards east [towards airport], it is located at the almost very end of the town and the beach then you may see the runway of the airport... Only handicap is, during the high season, you need coupe of earplugs, 'cos planes literally land & take over just above your head!:))

That's all I know

Hope it helps



Bertie Mac 1476441678

Splendid stuff! 

Great information - thanks very much Al.

"All I know" he says - modest to the end! :-)

Graham S 1476506526

There used to be a campsite nearthe beach in Polis - no idea if it's still there. There are also a couple up in the Troodos,near Kakopetria.

Nigel Howarth 1476549628

Hi Bertie Mac - your local Tourist Information Office may have a list of campsites.



Bertie Mac 1476552843

Thanks to you both for the advice - will explore those avenues too! :-)

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