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Anybody in the Moni, Pygos, area want to meet up once or twice a week, lunch times or late afternoon for a game of Crib ? 

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jimmythebargainhunter 1414494161

hi there, not played crib for a long time but it may be a nice idea to have a late afternoon/ early evening pint and a few games for an hour or two...i have a crib board and cards  also, maybe others might like to join in and we arrange a friendly comfy pub in the tourist area to suit all? all interested can post their phone number here and we can sort out a time and day? i'm Jimmy Peters 99612832 and i live in Acrounda village but can only do after 5.30 pm on Monday,Tuesday Thursday, Friday....

jimmythebargainhunter 1414746089

Well Chris it looks like just you and me for least i have a 50% chance of winning a

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