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Hi there, There are a few of us looking to come on holiday to Cyprus in April or May next year and I would be grateful if anyone could give me some information on what diving is available and where is best. We are very much mixed abilities, so any info would be appreciated. Thanks.     Paul

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Jenny 1131708392

Hi Paul

There are various areas to dive around Cyprus, and a good place to start when looking for information would be with one of the many dive centres.  Here is a link to the AngloINFO page for Diving and Watersports which should help you get started:


I hope this helps.



Kevin-660193 1131810188

Hello Paul

We had some friends staying with us that are keen divers and they used Aloha Divers who I think are based at Dasoudi beach in Limassol. They went out with them for a couple of days and said that they were looked after really well.

I think that they are listed in the directory on this website.



Russell-660157 1131973633

Hi Paul

If you do decide to come on holiday and go diving in Cyprus, make sure that you dive the wreck of the Zenobia which is in Larnaca.

It's a ferry that sank in 1980 and it's a great dive. Probably one of the best in the Med!



Liakada 1132095211

Hi Paul,

Try this website www.cydive.com


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