Fissouri waterpark - special price for residents? And activities to do with family here on hol for 2 weeks end of July (i2 adults & 1 5 year old).

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Hi!I have my sister, brother-in-law and nephew out on holiday for 2 weeks, end of July.  We plan to go to Fissouri Waterpark in Limassol.  I have heard you can get a reduced rate as a resident, can anyone advise me what you have to show as proof of residency?  Will a utility bill suffice?  Also, what is the reduced rate for residents - child & adult?  Or, if there are any coupons or special offers with reduced rate?If anyone has any suggestions on places to go/activities to take them to(bearing in mind the heat at this time of year, and a 5 year old boy in tow).Thanks in advance for any help/info supplied.

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Kathleen-Riding-857444 1468683341

Hi I took mY niece the other week and I just shown my electricity bill it was 22 euros each not sure about price for child 

theY also Bought a return ticket for 12 euros that they used a couple of days later 

they change 7 euros for a small locker that was non refundable

regards kath

Kathleen-Riding-857444 1468683487

Hi again 

the camel park is quite good value for money we paid 9 euros that was entry to the pool and also a camel ride I would thInk its ok for a 5 year old I took my niece and she is 17 There are cafes to have snacks and drinks 

regards kath

Raquel-S-863416 1469011311

Thanks for the info Kath, its always good to know about these things from someone who has been. Do you happen to know if they will allow you to take in your own food and drinks?

Kathleen-Riding-857444 1469103513

Hiya what I did was take a couple of the small plastic cool bags I put cold drinks inside and ice packs I bought food there 

I put cool bags in my beach bag 

regards kath

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