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hi everyone, i am 21 and have just started working at the olympic lagoon hotel and missing playing five a side footie or any footie really! i wondered if anyone needs an extra player, i am quite a good player if anyone can lead me in the right direction that would be great   missing my footie!!

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Builder Boy 1454964680

Which Olympic Lagoon? Paphos or Ayia Napa?

chrissya 1454965524

Paphos mate 

Builder Boy 1454965872

If you come out of OLP and go straight ahead to the roundabout and turn right, all the football pitches are along there. The first one that you come to on your left, Olympico, has all weather pitches.

Take a wander up there one evening and see who is about. There are loads of teams who use those pitches.

chrissya 1454966918

Thanks for that, I will do that. much appreciated 

cheers mate 

BigDutch 1455038690

Its a little bit of a trek, but take a look at for a English speaking 11-a-side team in the local FA league.  If not, Olympico and Forza is nearer, early evening bound to have 5-6 a side in the courts.

chrissya 1455041519

Cheers for that mate will do :)

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