Hot tub problem

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does anyone know of person that can repair hot tub electronics as when heating the water the control unit  keeps tripping,thank you 

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wasntme-899527 1449481174

soundike a short on the thermostat.

See if you can check the wires around the thermostat if nothing obvious order a new thermostat and replace the unit, this should solve the problem.

If you have a handbook/service book the item part number maybe shown in the service book.



AndrewMoni 1449485399

Any of the hot tub suppliers should have a service team able to fix the problem - eg shipshape in pafos or crystalline in limassol.

webbo-662507 1449495562

It sounds as if the heater element has gone. I had the same problem. Replace the heater element and the problem should be solved.




douglas1-676196 1449581492

Thank you for the feed back very much appreciated

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