How to Play Professional Football in Cyprus

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Hi I am moving to Cyprus this year, my Son who is 17 would like to play professional football for a club in Cyprus. During the summer he was over here with his father and trained with one of the clubs, but his father and I are separated and I was wondering if anyone knew of how I can get some information about joining a club in Cyprus, as I do not speak Greek and from personal experience I dont not think that such a male dominated sport would take to kindly to dealing with a women although I have had no problem in the UK. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me. Looking forward to a better life Shaz

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jordymask 1202031648

HI Shaz,

My name is Jordan and I am moving to Paphos in a few week and have a basic knowledge of Cypriot football. I am a qualified coach, referee and manager in the UK and I am keen to continue my involvement in football once I arrive. What level has your son played at? I am in the early stages of forming a football team there and looking for good players. My brother is of a really good standard as well and has trained with a few local clubs so can help you out. Are you on the west side of the island?

Speak to you soon,



AC-667373 1202033880

Hi Jordan

We are moving in the summer . My son is 16 and one of his concerns is playing football out there. Has played at good standard in the UK and was on QPR's youth team . Also looking for him to train with oner of the local clubs




Felicity Anne 1202042396

Hi there, Jordymask I have sent you an e-mail. It might be of some help for when setting up a football club/academy.

For anyone else for football for their kids, try:-

This is a football academy in Limassol for all, not just for cypriots. Give it a try.

shaz-667464 1202202940

Hi Jordan

Sent you an email sunday did you receive it.


Felicity Anne 1202210467

Hi Shaz and everyone else interested in football clubs/academies. I put a website on this question, but it seems to be having problems at present. Try this e-mail address:-

Try www. as I may have left off the `cy` before.

Jas-660265 1203504354

The standard of youth football in high in Limassol, there are lots of clubs who have English boys playing for them and most of the coaches speak English, which is very helpful!

I know of MegaSports, Nikki Academy ( Run by an ex newcastle united player) Campus Sportivo and Apollon.

My 10 year old son goes to a hotel with his club a few times a year in either Ayia Napa, Larnaca or Paphos on a Friday night to have a footballers dinner and play a match on Saturday and they really enjoy themselves.

They are all good teams though, and I am sure your kids would like any of them. I think there is also an English speaking team in Paphos as my son played against a team last season from there and they were all English.

Felicity Anne 1203679450

Hi Jaz,

Can you send me any details of other football clubs/academies in cyprus.
My son is 14 and will be 14 and a half when we arrive abck in Cyprus. He will want to continue to play football when he gets there.
E-mail me on with any details.

Alusine Deen-Kamara-956083 1582198534

Please can somebody help me with a team where my brother could join in training and if possible join the team. We are new and he has passion for football. He is 24 years.

Matthias -Brown -988096 1616958346

Hi I'm Matthias and I came in Cyprus few weeks ago..

I love football and I want to be a part of a team..

I can prove to you what I have installed within me..


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