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I hope this isn't a stupid question, but is there such a thing as cricket for kids here in Cyprus? My son is 8 and would like to play but I don't really know where to find somewhere he can play.  Can anyone help? Cheers Kev

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Jeremy-659758 1131007135

Hi Kev and no it's not a stupid question !

There is in fact a cricket league in Cyprus played between April and September between about eight sides. They are usually about 35 overs per side.

See the following link from within the AngloFILE and look for the cricket listing

Kid's cricket is also thriving and Cyprus recently took a team on tour to Corfu to play a few games. Most of the youth cricket is organised through the schools such as Foleys, Heritage and St. Johns but I believe that all kids are welcome.

Good luck !



Kevin-660193 1131268877

Thanks Jeremy

That's really good information and I'm really pleased that there is some cricket in Cyprus.

Do you play ?



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