More Snow?

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Someone has just told me that they heard that a lot of the rain that is currently falling in Cyprus is falling as snow in the Troodos? Has anyone else heard the same thing as I've just put my skis away for the season! Kev

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Nigel Howarth 1141946386

Hi Kev,

Someone posted the address of the Troodos webcam a few days ago. Take a look at:


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Kevin-660193 1141983541

Thanks for that Nigel, I should have had a look at other posts first!

By the look of it, although there has been snow and it looks very snowy on the webcam (and foggy!) non of the ski lifts are open.  I don't know if that's because they have already given up for the season or because there is on 10cm of snow, but it means no skiing sadly.



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