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Hi, has anyone been racing in Nicosia lately? We've never been but have heard it's a fun day out. I'm aware it's nothing like English racing. Is it still free entry? If not, how much? Anyone enjoyed themselves? Many thanks for any information. I've tried the website but it just gives you race meets, times etc.

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Hi "The Boys"

been racing at Nicosia about 5 times over the past 10 years or so and first time 30 years ago. As you rightly say"  Its "NOTHING" like UK Racing which me and the missus love.................. Goodwood, Ascot, Epsom, Cheltenham, Aintree Oh all that lovely greenery. Not sure about the entrance fee, dont bother to "Dress Up"  we did! Red hot afternoon and me in collar tie and jacket! and her indoors wearing her best frock! (Stupid English people). Racing at Nicosia is more akin to UK Greyhound racing, One oval sand covered cercuit, Tote only (NO Bookies), One outside area only and a concrete stepped stand, a few Tote Windows and a small bar inside. You can get a drink there and light refreshments. The horses are nothing like the "Thoroughbreds" in the UK, and form is a bit unreliable, better off asking a regular punter what he's heard???? There is a "Hospitality room at one side that cater for large groups and provide a buffet  drinks a a couple of tote representatives that take your bets...... Finally, when we first went 30 years ago, we spent 3 hours trying to find the course! we were looking for huge stands with flags flying in a large open area instead it was on a then industrial area and the stands couldnt be seen over 200 yards away. The course is opposte the Northern vehicle crossing check point off the "Nicosia Ring Road.  Dont be supprised if a horse is unfortunate enough to fall you will see 20 or so Cypriots jumping the fence to investigate the scene!!! Good Luck..... Enjoy! .........Small interest bets recommended...................PC 49 .            

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pc49, thanks for the info. It was just an idea to go as a birthday suprise, I'll have to have a think about it, I don't want to dissapoint anyone.

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Hi again "The Boys"  might be an idea to have a birthday at "The Races" suggest you contact the course or call in to check on what can be done to cater to a birthday group large or small...cant think the private hospitality package is too expensive! again nothing like the UK packages.......just organize your own coach or mini bus and stop off at a pre arranged taverna or pub on your way home? Good luck and Happy Birthday.   Regards   PC 49  

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