Satellite Reception and Football!

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Cypriot Sam



Did anyone else miss the whole of the second half of the England match yesterday? The reception on our satellite was so bad we couldn't watch it and it seems to do this at the same time every day on all the BBC and ITV channels. I was told that it was to do with temporary atmospheric conditions, but they seem to be a very long "temporary". I'm a bit annoyed as we spent a fortune on a massive dish because we were on the "wrong side of Limassol" and we are still having problems with it. Is it just us or is everyone else getting it and can we expect it to improve?

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Nigel Howarth 1128887769

Hi Sam,

I'm pleased to say that I managed to miss the whole thing :-))

I expect you're aware that auntie Beeb no longer uses Rupert's satellite and has been broadcasting from Astra 2d for some, which has a smaller foortprint (and hence the need for a larger dish).

I understand that as well as a large dish you need a very sensitive LNB to be able to receive a reliable signal.

And incidentally, the BBC and ITV are planning to launch a free satellite TV service early next year. You can find details at:


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Cypriot Sam 1129025765

Thanks Nigel, that kind of explains things and I'll look into what kind of LNB I have.

I had a look at the link about the Freeview BBC and ITV. Do you think that means we will need a different satellite dish to pick that up, and will the signal be any stronger? (Sorry - I'm not very clued up on this sort of thing!).

Nigel Howarth 1129036840

> I'm not very clued up on this sort of thing!

Neither am I Sam!

But whether you'll be able to receive the planned Freeview BBC and ITV service will depend on which satellite they use to broadcast and the footprint of the transmitter (ie the area it covers).

The Sky satellite transmitter has a larger footprint than the one the BBC is now using, which is why you need a large dish/more sensitive equipment to pick up the BBC broadcast in Cyprus.

So I can't really answer your question until the BBC & ITV decide which satellite to use for their Freeview service - you may be OK with the equipment you've got, or you may need to change it.


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Cypriot Sam 1129107978

I guess we'll just wait and see then - either that or bite the bullet and go over to Cypriot TV - I'm not sure the absence of sport and kids TV in English would go down too well though!

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