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Hi there My daughter is mad about skateboarding so I need to know if there are any skateboarding parks in Limassol. Thanks

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Nigel Howarth 1142813086

Hi Flowerpower,

I don't know of any skateboarding parks in Limassol - but there's a nice new flyover where your daughter could practise :-))

Couldn't you encourage her to try swimming, windsurfing, water-skiing - there's plenty of water sports around.



Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Nigel Howarth 1142813274

I've just spotted a skateboard shop at 127 Glastonas Street in Limassol - maybe they can advise.


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Jas-660265 1142855200


There is a skateboarding park in the old town, its called fun park and they have outdoor slides and inflatables and also a section with ramps and they hire in line skates etc if you need them. My two boys love it there! Its also a very good place for a summer birthday party.


Flowerpower-660633 1142858653

Fantastic!! She'll be really pleased.

Thanks for your replies Jas and Nigel.

Cypriot Sam 1143110617

I went past the Funpark this morning and it does look very good.  It's on Gladstonos just near the Eko petrol station.  I will definitely be paying it a visit (with the kids of course!).


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