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We are hoping to venture up to the Troodos for a bit of skiing if the snow finally arrives in large enough quantities. Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy skiwear in Limassol? Also, how much can we expect to spend in Cyprus on this type of thing?  We are heading back to the UK for a couple of days soon.  Is it better to buy over there? Thanks

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Jeremy-659758 1136642077

Hello Picklepie,

I'm sure that there must be a few more, but the only one that I'm sure about is called F8rce Sports on Franklin Roosevelt Avenue in Limassol.

There details can be found in the AngloFILE at

If you find some more let me know and we will add them to the AngloFILE.




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Hello Picklepie (great name!)

Have a look at this webcam that is situated at the bottom of the Zeus ski slope in the Troodos. It looks just like an Alpine village!

Get your stuff and get out there!




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