Snow Skiing in Cyprus

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Hi everyone, As it is now snowing in the Troodos, can anyone help me with information on the ski trails that are up there, lessons, lifts, hiring equipment, hotels near the trails etc etc! Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks.     Russell

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achilleas 1136994110

If I am not mistaken, the CTO (Tourist Board) has information and a booklet on skiing in Cyprus - they will also have the number of the Cyprus Ski Federation.


Jeremy-659758 1137052806

Hi Russell

Have a look at one of the AngloINFO information pages on hiking, biking and skiing in Cyprus at -

and also have a look at the following AngloFILE page where you will find all the contact details for the Cyprus Ski Federation -

I believe that Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol also have their own active ski clubs.

Hope this helps and tell me what it's like up there!



Russell-660157 1137143738

Hi Achilleas and Jeremy

Thank you both for the information, it's really appreciated. I'm hoping to get up there over the next few days and will let you know what it's like!



Paul the Diver 1137265798

Hi Russell

I found this site (link below) the other day and think it's really good for skiing info in Cyprus. It's got a webcam, maps of the pistes and some more good stuff!



Emma-660133 1137595053

Can you go sledging up there?

Where is the best place to go, and can you buy sledges up there?




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