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Does anyone know where I can find online a hunting map for Cyprus, detailing the legal hunting areas as well as the prohibited areas please? I read on one of  the hunting magazines that these maps are given out to hunters by the Flora a Fauna Department, but I cannot find a copy on their website, and they haven't replied to my email sent on Sunday night. If anyone has such a map and could scan and send to me, or upload somewhere I would be gratefull as having big fights with illegal hunters here and just want to prove my point on paper.

started by: Vassili · last update: 1449137351 · posted: 1449137351

i am willing to come live in cyprus. Is it airgun hunting ligal?

started by: dens46 · last update: 1449102928 · posted: 1448236876

Hi there,   moving to Nicosia in January, and am looking for rope climbing partners. I lead 6a and want to work up the grades as much as i can. Up for any outdoor bouldering or dws too.   i'd also like to check if there are some surfers among you. I know Cyprus isn t Bali but i also know waves can be had in winter.   cheers.

started by: Gjd47 · last update: 1448401758 · posted: 1439120917

anyone play squash around the Peyia area ?

started by: Tish234 · last update: 1447966381 · posted: 1437776899

I decided to build a camper van basically because i couldnt find one to rent. What would be the best way to advertise this in Cyprus and overseas?    

started by: Dutoit · last update: 1446308646 · posted: 1446238929

cannot find rugby on filmon for tonight..usually I watch in ITV.....YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!

started by: Dutoit · last update: 1445785965 · posted: 1445681740

does anybody know how to watch rugby on xbmc? thank you

started by: John Costello · last update: 1445453954 · posted: 1439927674

Does anyone know where in Cyprus I can buy an electric motor / battery powered bicycle in Cyprus something like this (for offroad use) - http://www.hi-powercycles.com/hpc-trailblazer-full-suspension-mid-drive/ There is a UK dealership and a USA dealership (more expensive but better bikes) but the cost of importing would be around £350 and $450 respectively, so if I can avoid importing I will do so. Thanks.

started by: pancake-672692 · last update: 1443882383 · posted: 1443706573

I live in Pafos and im looking for someone to play with. Any level is ok as im quite good and can teach if necessary. Thanks

started by: Dragga · last update: 1441910712 · posted: 1441834269

Hi everyone, I recently relocated to Limassol and don't know many people. I am thinking to start dancing classes (salsa, zumba, ballroom or even ballet, etc) and I would like to ask, if someone would like to join me, as alone it is not much fun. I was as well looking for hiking clubs, with no luck, I only found one for seniors and they didn't have anything in schedule for the upcoming weeks. Since I don't know the surroundings, it would be nice to join one, if anybody knows, please let me know.  And one last question, I found a few horse riding clubs around the Limassol. Does any of them offer a partial horse loan or do you know a place where I could get in touch with the owner of a horse? It would be great to have some kind of info!  Thank you and have a nice evening.

started by: Smiffo · last update: 1441711141 · posted: 1301043029

Hi Does anyone know of a Shotokan karate Club in the Tala/Paphos area.

started by: Gjd47 · last update: 1441039115 · posted: 1441039115

hi, anyone fancy sharing transport to go to Nicosia and watch the Euro qualifier this Thursday. from Peyia.

started by: Gem999 · last update: 1441039003 · posted: 1440675170

Please is there anybody who can help me find ticket for this game? I Know ?all Sold out bt dont care where in stadium i sit as long as i can see my beloved country play!!!been Here in paphos 5yrs and only up road in nicosia bt can't see game live!!!Thks Very much for any imformation on this !!!

started by: msocratous · last update: 1440946893 · posted: 1343385184

Hello everyone! I am looking for a place from which I can rent 5 to 6 quads for an one day excursion in Akamas. Anyone ever done that before?I would prefer not having a guide, but if you know anyone that organizes nice safaris, please let me know...Cheers

started by: carolyn donohue-ellinas · last update: 1440851702 · posted: 1440851702

Is there any kind of 5 aside football league for adults in or near Limassol? My 24 year old son is returning to Cyprus in Nov. and is interested to join a a team/league for recreation and fitness.  After an internet search it looks like there is a lot for kids but not much for adults. Thanks. 

started by: skinnerr · last update: 1440435438 · posted: 1440435438

hi l  live in limassol and enjoy playing tennis  - i have played for a number of years and am looking for anyone who would be interested in playing either singles or doubles -  i am retired so fairly flexible  time wise

started by: DiamondJade · last update: 1440433841 · posted: 1245610637

Hi does anyone know if there is a womens cricket team here in cyprus? Im really looking to start playing again, I used to play for my county back in England and eager to play again, if anybody knows anything please let me know, Many Thanks

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Anyone know where I can buy Nikwax TX or in wash waterproofer in Limassol?   Thanks

started by: beataanna · last update: 1438101201 · posted: 1402750609

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is looking for a spearfishing buddy? Not beginner level, rather experienced. Thank you!

started by: NariOsman · last update: 1437566662 · posted: 1437256747

Hi, Does anyone in Limassol know a place for sewing lessons?? Please let me know if you have any info!

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