started by: eg111111@hotmail.com · last update: 1437496834 · posted: 1435071131

Anyone have an idea where to reserve for daily boat trips ?   Thanks.    

started by: swimchris · last update: 1437387743 · posted: 1437387743

I am wondering whether anybody knows of any groups that practise open water swim training in the sea. Thank you in advance!

started by: mazmo1979 · last update: 1436894069 · posted: 1436891905

Hi, I see adverts pop up on here and wondered what I had to do/where to go to be able to do the same. Looking to advertise a golf day? Many thanks, M

started by: prodigit · last update: 1435160443 · posted: 1429986483

Can anyone please recommand a hotel in Paphos, Nice place with good food for relaxation after hard work for months without holida with with reasnable price for couple of days. Cheers

started by: justjules75 · last update: 1432979433 · posted: 1432812803

Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a ten pin bowling league here is paphos? many thanks

started by: Poppy99 · last update: 1432306055 · posted: 1432306055

Hello, i have a 14 year old boy who really wants to join a Table Tennis Club, is there somewhere in Paphos he can join please? 

started by: sfield1023 · last update: 1431533750 · posted: 1431214962

hi there, is there anymore ipswich fans in paphos?if there is any fans or someone know a good place to watch ipswich on tv in paphos please let me know for next saturdays match, simon

started by: Benleadbeater1 · last update: 1430724778 · posted: 1430724778

Would anyone be interested in joining a five a side leaugue in pyla on the new astro turf pirches? Anyone would be welcome and hopefully run it like the pool league playing from diferent pubs/bars etc, i am in the process of finding out the information and price structure, all ages welcome 16+. Would be once a week depending on how many teams are invoved, if anyone is interested get in touch! Cheers

started by: Brian hayes · last update: 1427278880 · posted: 1427215802

Hi There I live in Larnaca and want to do a 2 day boat licence course. I am also lazy and dont want to travell to far, so to that end does anyone know where the closest place is i can do the course please. Many thanks   Bri

started by: jaxchry · last update: 1427278659 · posted: 1421756787

My  10 year old daughter absolutely loves singing and wants to learn more but the music schools cost a fortune and as my husband and myself are without jobs this makes it very difficult to accommodate her. Does anyone know of any choirs in limasssol that she could join?

started by: livewire1912 · last update: 1427182071 · posted: 1427182071

Hi does anyone know a number for the Line Dancing group in Paphos, also a country and western group in Paphos, needed for a Barn Dance once organised you are welcome to come along if you would like to please call 99974679, thanks  

started by: paul.h · last update: 1425640394 · posted: 1425385372

Hi does anyone know of any general walking clubs in the Paphos area.

started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1425300857 · posted: 1424690376

Hi. Does anyone know where I can by a bike in Paphos, either new or a good quality second-hand bike? Ideally a hybrid bike (a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike). Mostly for road use but needs to suitable for tracks, etc. Thanks.

started by: weanmaz-694901 · last update: 1424298804 · posted: 1424298804

Does anyone know the best place to buy salsa shoes in cyprus that are not too expensive ???

started by: icmeler2000 · last update: 1423704020 · posted: 1319466481

Hi Guys. I'm a UK national intending to visit Cyprus on holiday for the first time next year (2012) and a keen shallow-water spearfisher when I go on holiday abroad to the Med.. I've seen various internet websites (icluding AngloINFO) that claim that no fishing licences are required for spearfishing in Cyprus if not using diving (i.e.scuba) gear. I have the following associated questions on the area and would really appreciate any answers you could provide for me,. a) I am a UK national. Does this no-licence rule apply only for any specific category of people i.e. only permenent residents of Cyprus or between certain age limits or not i.e. does it apply for me as well if I just come over to Cyprus on holiday b) What actually is meant by Cyprus in this context? Is it just Southern (Greek) Cyprus or the whole island? If not are the rules different for the Northern (Turkish) bit and if so, what are they? Google searches tend to suggest that in the north, the rules of mainland Turkey seem to apply (which if so I KNOW CURRENTLY mean that tourists can only spearfish with 'an official guide' and so not on their own!!!) c) Does anyone have a website URL and/or mobile number for The Cyprus Association For Free Spearfishing. (Their landline number doesn't seem to work!) d) Do you know of an official up-to-date government source for these actual rules e.g. official governmental fisheries regulations website you can point me to? Again are they the same for the whole island or different for north and south Cyprus. e) Where do I get official info about the species and minimum sizes of fish I'm legally allowed to catch? Again are they the same for the whole island or different for north and south Cyprus I'm intending to visit Cyprus next year (2012), but have no specific details of the resort at this stage. Cheers.

started by: heathan · last update: 1423495432 · posted: 1421271492

Do you know any swimming pools that belong to hotels and can be used on a fee without staying in the hotel as well?   Thanks for any answers, regards

started by: s.s.-690355 · last update: 1423090624 · posted: 1421192177

can anyone let me know where i can find the new escape room game in Limassol? and if anyone has visited any cooments? what is the minimum age?

started by: sophieag · last update: 1422992817 · posted: 1422992817

Hi,     I'm a complete novice when it comes to dancing but its always something that i've dreamed of learning. I've tried to search for classes but haven't really found what i'm looking for. to be honnest i'd love to take a hiphop class or something along the same lines.. i'm not a huge fan of salsa and what something more upbeat that I can join on my own for hopefully reasonable prices.   If anyone can help i'd greatly appreciate it. :)

started by: oxocube · last update: 1422882095 · posted: 1422882095

i am from the uk and would like to know where the best place is in limassol to learn how to play the guitar, 50s rock n roll is my main interest, also the shadows style music. also what the cost would be.

started by: Jackiecr · last update: 1421160093 · posted: 1421160093

Would anyone have any pro and semi pro contacts for under 21's football please?

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