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hi, I am looking for an electric biycle any offers please email or post me.model could be mountain bike such as powebike sold here in nicosia or will consider any other model too. thanks.

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Hi Can anyone tell me where the nearest horse riding is in Paphos?..think I passed it once.......anyone have further info please?..website or address?? thanks susie Vsv

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i need some info about karate clubs for adults here in limassol , especially club with bags , and good equipment for practice , preferable taekwondo style Thanks _______________________________ why am I looking around if there`s nothing to see..

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hi anyone interested in weekday or weekend rideouts in the avgorou liopetri area, please let me know, cheers thanks daxs

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Hi guys, im looking for a motorcycle club that may assist me in my driving, im getting my license pretty soon and will soon have my first bike. are there any clubs/classes with educated drivers that will help to assist on my first big bike? Or anybody who is looking for a biker buddy! im 22yrs old and just wanna get started! :) Cheers Mike

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Hi would love to have our own kyaks, does anyone know what price they are and if anyone has any to sell? Would like 2 single kyaks as me and the wife are always saying the other one is doing it wrong but not sure what they fetch!! billy boy

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Does anyone think there is a market for hiring out golf clubs to people on holiday or residential that are fed up with hiring inferior clubs at the golf shops? Thinking about hiring mine out, what do you think? billy boy

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golf trolley wanted , please get in touch with details billy boy

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I'm keen to get out there and do a bit of fishing, anyone in Larnaca area who does this and interested in having some company?

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Hi, does anyone know of a silk painting class in the Paphos area ( or Limassol at a push )? I was just getting into it when I lived in the Middle East then we moved here and I really would like to take it up again. Please email me any details: kerrie626@hotmail.com Thank you'keep smiling'

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FitVibe Machine time card worth 75 cyp/130 euro offered for only 50 euro for local Limassol gym call 99516568 or email

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Can anyone tell me any information about either Larnaca or Limassol Marina please? Is there a long waiting time to get a berth? If so, where do you put your details forward. Does anyone know the approximate costs for berths etc etc Thanks.    Paul

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I've seen allot of people searching for boats in Cyprus for sale. I've found these web links and thought they might be of interest: http://www.apolloduck.co.uk/ http://www.yachtworld.com If you do a search for 'used' boats in 'cyprus' you will find various boats for sale from private to brokerage sales. Hope this help. Matt

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Hi I'm looking for some info on English people taking an interest in local football. I am trying to create a larger fan base for the Paphos Football Club. Please English or Cypriots give me your views on way this is or what could make it better for you, the way I see it if you live here you may as well give them your support as its the only way you can see some live football. Please send all your views or queries for tickets. Dino

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Hi, Does anyone know a gym/sportschool to do some fitness exercises? Preferably in the area of Leoforos Archiepiskopou Makariou III roundabout. I have seen something called Body line, anyone be there? Costs etcetera? Let me know if you might know about some other places Thanks, BR Paul Limassol

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want to know if there is irish dancing clasess available in the koliossi or erimi area. i have 2 young children and would be interested in them taking this on .

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a place where I can do Yoga or Pilates on Saturdays. Can anyone help me? I live in Limassol. Angela

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Hi everybody, can anybody tell me if traditional fox hunting with hounds is legal in Cyprus? PB

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Does anyone know if there are Gym classes for kids in the Paphos area?

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Hi, My husband and I have bought a holiday home in Kapparis and have been out there three times now. My husband is disabled and has a push type wheelchair. Up to now, we have had very few problems with getting about and have been around various places without much touble at all. We have been around Dhyrenia, Pernera, Protaras, Aiya Napa ( including the crazy paved sea front path) and Aiya Thekla etc.etc.We like to walk about rather than sunbathe and obviously can't go on the beach unless there is access, so my question is Does anyone know any places that we can go to, preferably within a short drive of the Kapparis area for days out? We need somewhere quite flat that would be suitable for me pushing a wheelchair, otherwisw I will be on all fours. I have seen some walking trails around the Gavo Greko area, so if anyone knows if anything like that would be suitable, just let me know.Anything will do, so hope you can help!! Mary

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