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Hi, My husband and I have bought a holiday home in Kapparis and have been out there three times now. My husband is disabled and has a push type wheelchair. Up to now, we have had very few problems with getting about and have been around various places without much touble at all. We have been around Dhyrenia, Pernera, Protaras, Aiya Napa ( including the crazy paved sea front path) and Aiya Thekla etc.etc.We like to walk about rather than sunbathe and obviously can't go on the beach unless there is access, so my question is Does anyone know any places that we can go to, preferably within a short drive of the Kapparis area for days out? We need somewhere quite flat that would be suitable for me pushing a wheelchair, otherwisw I will be on all fours. I have seen some walking trails around the Gavo Greko area, so if anyone knows if anything like that would be suitable, just let me know.Anything will do, so hope you can help!! Mary

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Hi, last night I went to the AGM of Cyprus Cricket and of course one of the main problems is funding/sponsorship. (Plenty of other probs but will do that later) Is there lottery type funding in Cy similar to the UK? Is there a goverment body that does grants for sports? How and where do you find access to EU money to fund the cricket? Is there goverment dept that applies to the EU on your behalf? Does anybody know of a large corporation ie Cyprus Airways, hotel chains etc that would sponser/fund cricket? One of the teams are refugees and have no money at all, is there any funding from charities/council/goverment that will help them? Thanks and all ideas are welcome.PB

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For all those people interested in cricket in Cyprus, the AGM of the Cyprus Cricket is at 7.00pm Tuesday 26 February at the Navarria Hotel, Tourist area, Limassol. More info of the cricket at www.cypruscricket.com PB

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Hi , I am looking for some beach volleyball players in Limassol , not as a professionals but who plays just for a pleasure.Or if anyone knows about some group who plays at the weekends or something like that.I used to play for a school but thats 5 years now and I miss it so much ,but unfortunatelly I don't have any friends who can play volleyball.

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Dhekelia saddle club are holding a show on 1st and 2nd March. Please feel free to come and spectate or participate if you are a rider. We are also looking for volunteers to help with jobs such as starter and arena assistants. If interested then please email me on graemematthew1@hotmail.com and i will give you a ring. Graeme Dhekelia Saddle Club

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Does anyone know if there is a netball court in Paphos??If so pleeeaaase let me know!!!!chocaholics anonymous!!

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Hello! Maybe someone know some belly dance lessons group in Paphos ? Im 26 and i want join some group . My e-mail: mailekene@hot.ee

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My 12 year old son is desperate for a like-minded boy who loves motocross, off roading etc, jump bikes and BMX. Is there another child fitting this discription in the Limassol area? Suzi

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I have been in Cyprus for 6 years now, I am a single lady, do not work although I would not mind a part time job, does anybody know of walking clubs anything to get me out and meeting people. I am bored out of my brains.BHSharp

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Hi! Looking for a private teacher in salsa (LA Style) in Famagusta area. E-mail mosho_mus@hotmail.com if you know anything. Gilli

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Hello all, Does anyone know of a salsa/lessons club in Limassol? I need to keep moving. regards

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I read on few websites that Island Cove Mini Golf in Paphos is good (different from the standard mini golf places we find elsewhere in Cyprus). But, the website for the same leads to the US establishment. Have any of you been there ? Is the place really good to spend an evening ? thanks in advance for your replies Rajaram S.

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does anyone know of any clubs offering tennis coaching in greek or english? thank you jane g

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I have a few clubs listed where my 14 year old can go, but was wondering if there was anything else, like:-Swimming ClubsRugby Club/TeamsBoxing ClubMotorbike Off Road ClubsScuba Diving ClubThe clubs must be based in Limassol area, please.Name of clubs, addresses, tel/fax No, and websites/e-mail addresses would be much appreciated........... From Fe, Roy and Royce..................

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Hi I have a Son who is nearly 4 years old and loves football. We live in Paralimni and I would be really interested to know if there are any clubs for children where he could go and play and meet some friends. I look forward to hearing from you if you have any information. Regards, Helen

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Anyone know of a bar that has the NFL on. Especially the Super Bowl.

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I have not found any mention of golf yet? Apart from Vikla is ther anywhere else other than the expensive 'Championship' courses ie Tsada and Secret Valley etc.? New ... but keen golfer .. but their prices are a little out of my league and Vikla is so far away! Geoff  Geoff [Rainman]

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does anybody know of a company that flies horses from uk to cyprus, or if they have could let me know what experience they had. i retire to cyprus , limassol area end of march, and wish to bring my 2 horses. any suggestions welcome. delise rowlands

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Can anyone recommend any good gyms in Limassol please that also have classes as well as equipment? Do any of them have indoor/outdoor swimming pools like in the UK?! I am relocating in May and would like to join a good gym! Also do you know if its possible to join any of the hotel gyms as a member? One of my friends does that at the Palm Beach in Larnaca which I found unusual!!

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Hi all!This is a very useful forum for people who need english information about cyprus, it's not easy to find it over the internet.What I'd like to ask you is if there is any possibility of watching Cyprus League outside Cyprus, by satellite. I have never lived in there but now I've a friend playing at AEL Limassol and it would be very nice to watch his games.Thanks in advance for all your help and keep up the good work.Best regards.

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