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Hi, Does anyone know where tickets can be bought for the Anorthosis vs Tottenham UEFA cup game in October? Thanks, Kris.

started by: Anne-660773 · last update: 1191234763 · posted: 1191234763

Tickets available for the game - kick off 5.45pm Thursday 4th October 2007. Email Alex at alboship@logosnet.cy.net. For more information visit website www.spurs.com.cy

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Does anyone know if there are any ballet classes, evening or weekend, for adults in Nicosia? I have heard through the grapevine that there are classes for kiddies, perhaps these same instructors run classes for adults or someone would know a ballet instructor I could ask about this? Thanks! Victoria G

started by: Narf · last update: 1190340253 · posted: 1190147449

Hi Is there a yoga and/or Pilates class in Limassol? Do you know which days and the times? Thank you

started by: peyia paradise · last update: 1190319740 · posted: 1189375952

We are coming over to cyprus in the next couple of weeks and wondered if there are any spas open to the public in the Coral Bay or Paphos area

started by: LuckyCharm-665391 · last update: 1190310914 · posted: 1190249476

Hi, Does anybody have information about a skating rink in Limassol? Thanks!

started by: Felicity Anne · last update: 1190213547 · posted: 1187617034

Is there any under 14"s football clubs/teams in Limassol that my son can train with. He plays for his school and Durham under 13"s Boy team. Any help would be appreciated.

started by: Anne-660773 · last update: 1189810434 · posted: 1189810434

The new Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club website www.spurs.com.cy is now up and running although in the early stages of development. Members groups are in Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos. Find out where to watch the games, live news feeds etc. We are looking for new members in all areas of Cyprus. If you would like any information about the Club please email us. COYS

started by: CL-663906 · last update: 1189784717 · posted: 1179659506

Does anyone know of a badminton group in Paphos area that we could join. We played alot before we left the UK and would love to get back into it, we still have all our equipment and would like to put it to use. Please let us know if you can help. CL

started by: giannisdoe · last update: 1189639606 · posted: 1189639606

Hello everyone, can someone please tell me where can one play basketball in Nicosia in the evening around 20:00 or 21:00? Are there any basketball courts with lights open to the public? Thanks a lot

started by: Felicity Anne · last update: 1188925538 · posted: 1187626570

Is there any football academies in Limassol, Cyprus? Has anyone got any details for my son? He is a very keen and experienced football player. Contact me on this website or e-mail me on felicity843@btinternet.co.uk

started by: Felicity Anne · last update: 1188833948 · posted: 1187616856

We need to fing out a good company in Gt. Britain who could transport out a 110 Pit Bike. It belongs to our 13.8mth old son. He wouldnt want to leave it behind in England, so some help would be gratefully appreciated, ie:- Company Names, Prices, paperwork? etc. The bike will be packed by ourselves into an appropriate travel box.

started by: Anne-660773 · last update: 1188655352 · posted: 1187196850

Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club arrives!!!! Newly formed and recognisd by THFC officially we are looking for members. We're a friendly bunch with over 100 members so far. Get involved. COYS

started by: Dave Green · last update: 1188648456 · posted: 1188580692

I will be spending part of the year in Paphos when my apartment is complete.My wife and I use a gym and swimming pool regularly here in the uk.Anyone know a health club to join in Paphos? Do the hotels have membership for non residents.

started by: webbo-662507 · last update: 1188571112 · posted: 1188542777

Does anyone know of a football stadium in the Limassol area with facilities to accommodate 2000 - 3000 fans or more. Cyprus Rugby Union have 3 International games coming up at the end of October/ beginning of November all to be played in Cyprus. The intention was to hold the first International between Cyprus and Azerbaijan here in Limassol. Unfortunately the stadiums that we have contacted that are capable of holding a couple of thousand people, have all declined. They are privately owned stadia and the Cyprus Government cannot tell them what to do i.e. cancel the football fixture because an International takes preference. The stadia contacted so far are: Tsirion Stadium & Parakleisha Stadium. We are waiting for a response from the stadium on Makarios Avenue and this will be apparently made by the end of August!!! Does anyone know of any other stadium's in the Limassol area that could hold a couple of thousand people that we could contact. We need to promote rugby in Limassol and this would appear to be the best way, but unfortunately our hands are tied because of the private ownership of the stadiums and the fact that football is god!!! If we are not able to find a suitable stadium within the next 2-3 weeks at latest, then Limassol will miss out as the International will have to played, but probably in Paphos. Your soonest suggestions will be well received. Webbo Ah, sweet pity. Where would my love life have been without it?

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For not only Italy soccer fans but fooball fans also. You can enjoy the most of yourself in the easiest way. Just one click, and this’s all free http://www.yourglobaltv.com/ Share other links if you know, please

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Hi there every Manchester Utd fan. I would like to hear from any Man. Utd. fan living in Cyprus. I used to live there and one day will come back. I would like to hear from anyone who adores Man. Utd. I am only 13 years old, but would like to be a penpal to other Man Utd. fans. You can either send letters on the forum or on my mums e-mail address:- felicity843@btinternet.co.uk. Look forward to hearing from some of you.

started by: Felicity Anne · last update: 1187620131 · posted: 1187618259

Is Foleys School of Limassol a school for over 14"s? If so, has anyone got the address, tel. no:-, web site address, and e-mail address? Thanks Fe

started by: Melissa-661543 · last update: 1186936553 · posted: 1186830656

Hello, I need to find out if there is a meeting place for Reading FC fans in Limassol and if any will be meeting on Wednesday for the match against Chelsea - if so, where? Could anyone let me know as I am following up a recent article I wrote for the Mail. Thanks for your help. Mel Mel

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get my tennis racket re-strung in Nicosia please? Many thanks Sophia

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